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China is all-time help city greatly: Guo of situation of of ⑷ of the impe
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Expected, be in again unexpected. 24 days in, the Central Bank moves 2 degrees.

The eve that lower interest announces consistently in Central Bank of global each country, chinese Central Bank announces formally to be reduced since now one year period the RMB puts loan standard interest rate each 0.27 percent, other time class puts loan Yi Zunxiang of standard interest rate should be adjusted. Lower interest while, the Central Bank still announces, reduce deposit since October 15 kind reserve of deposit of financial orgnaization RMB leads 0.5 percent.

Still be in 8 days, the State Council also issues a decision, interest income of short duration deposits money to avoid to deposit since now oneself impose individual income tax.

Had evolved into the circumstance that is global economy crisis to fall increasingly in global banking crisis, “ of insight of rarely of national concerned department ” of 4 plan volley, unprecedented.

And the data that can examine shows, to the Central Bank, this is from 1999 the bottom rises, the Central Bank reduces all deposit nearly 9 years first kind reserve of deposit of financial orgnaization RMB is led. In the meantime, this also is rise from Feburary 2002, next tone RMBs when the Central Bank is the same as 6 years first put loan standard interest rate.

Enter truly lower interest passageway

The Central Bank lowers interest at what 8 days of dusks make the decision has been the Central Bank in short the 2nd “ inside the month moves ” . But this, the strength that the Central Bank moves and range and before one photograph comparing had apparent change.

Before this on September 15, the Central Bank reduced deposit reserve to lead to partial finance orgnaization merely. Meantime, the class that the hand holds banking majority fund, farming, medium, build, the deposit reserve that joins 5 big state-owned banks and postal savings bank is led not fluctuant.

Field of interest rate policy is same also. Those who stem from pair of inflation situations is anxious, on September 15, the Central Bank announces to reduce one year merely period RMB loan is standard interest rate 0.27 percent, and kept saving interest rate changeless.

But as a result of at that time the movement of the Central Bank has been his 4 years come lower interest first movement. Accordingly, when many expert meantime accepts morning paper reporter to interview, all make known his position to say, “ of policy of center behavior credit opened a cut ” , show the Central Bank actually already turn sex opened a money from wide passageway.

“ this 3 rate of Central Bank ‘ fall together more apparent ground proved the act of ' the Central Bank was entered truly lower interest passageway. ” " China is reformed " the evaluation when Wu Jiandong of expert of strategy of academic adviser, famous development is accepting morning paper reporter 8 days to interview says.
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