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The first is a pure eco-office leaders coming out of private net monthly Weifeng
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All along, the "no business on the net" seems to have become the consensus of the industry. The high-profile presence in the net Weifeng Co., months later, made the first "to eat crab" the development of enterprises, the company that plans to build high-end office products and much concern to the industry. Recently, has been "dormant" for so long finally Weifeng territory leaders "major move", the project office, Building 1, the pure product, starting from April 15 the official number in 7088 Renmin Street, 24th Floor, Weifeng International reception centers call, visit consultation.


Jiwei involved again after the peak of international high-end office space

Weifeng territory leaders on economic development zone in Changchun net poly Industry Avenue (west) and Ginkgo Road intersection, and yellow Royal Crest to the south of the net from about 300 meters on the CMC, from Jilin Industrial Co., Weifeng development and construction company. Weifeng Co. had previously successfully developed Weifeng International Business Plaza, commercial real estate industry in Changchun enjoys a good reputation.

Speaking Weifeng industry, to mention Weifeng International Business Plaza. Whether the project planning and design, or construction standards, are rated as a superior in Changchun for office. Hanson, general manager of Changchun, Tang Road real estate consultancy firm has said that the various offices in Changchun City project, Weifeng international projects in the hardware facilities, property services, etc. are all excellent. New World Jihong Yuan Zhai Shuguang, head of marketing also believes that if the pure office project in Changchun to rank high 109 meters of pure office Weifeng Changchun International Business Plaza is undoubtedly the first. The recent introduction of pure Weifeng strong eco-industrial office products - Weifeng leaders territory, it is upgraded Weifeng Corporate Business Development Office is another masterpiece.

Weifeng industry is the high-end product line practice in the planning and construction projects, has been investigated several times in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and many gathered in the local high-end products, which lasted 3 years, carved in the landscape planning and architectural design can be termed fine.


40,000 square green garden full of pure landscape ecology office

Weifeng leaders territory covers an area of nearly 40,000 level, with a total floor area of approximately 45,000 square, floor area ratio of 1.06, greening rate of 70%, project planning and construction of single-family Zhen Cui, innovation, leveling, 5A intelligent pure ecological Offices and other products. Layers for the whole building from north to south, east to west is low, not mutually block light, and before each building has a different landscape. Weifeng framework for the whole territory leaders, have room rates up to 74% energy saving building materials.

According to reports, the Foreign Offices Building 1 counseling is the product 7 of the office buildings on the ground floor, 1 basement, where, underground 1 layer and a layer of high-end business club ,2-7 level for the Scriptorium products. Offices range is 98-311 square meters area can be split combinations. House area for the 98-311 level range. Offices storey 3.5 m, 7.8 m pick an empty lobby, 3 elevators, a spacious outdoor parking.

In addition, the territory of the relevant responsible person Weifeng leader said: "The office east, south to the city of 4 million square green garden can be said that the only panoramic Changchun pure ecological Scriptorium."


Among the core leaders of the central villa is a private commercial space

Weifeng territory among the leaders of the central villa on the core of the net. Regency Park surrounded and yellow, Wan 科兰乔圣菲, Vanke Lake Creek Villas, CITIC City, China trade rose valley, on Lake Yosemite, forests of China and other high-end villa project for high is a business side to provide private space.

In support, the Weifeng territory leaders to build golf club business to high standards of courtesy, as the peak of people sharing space in Changchun.

According to Wei-feng territory leaders responsible person: "Weifeng leaders Territory Offices level product is ideal for leaders who met in the tea here is rare in this city is a private commercial space."

Net on the city district has outstanding ecological, recreational (golf courses, ski resort, is about to move in Zhuozhan), entertainment (planning Poly Theatre, Sheraton Hotel) and other resources, which make this region has a good business quality, business value Weifeng territory leaders will also be fully embodied.