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Property of the New Deal is not frequent in Nanchong
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October 19, following the central bank will raise deposit and lending rates by 0.25 percentage point, recently, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Urban deposit and lending rates for housing provident fund has been adjusted: 5 years or less (including 5 years) and 5-year or more individuals housing accumulation fund loan interest rates increase, respectively, 0.17 and 0.18 percentage points ... ... Frequency out of range of property control policies on the property market will Nanchong What impact? To this end, the reporter interviewed some of the first developers, owners and so on. The same rigid requirements purchase plan "Interest rates for first time home buyers is negligible." Engaged in real estate marketing agent Mr Wong told reporters. From 2004 to the present, the central bank adjusted interest rates have never ceased, when lifting, but overall remained at a fairly steady level. Therefore, interest rates on home buyers do not have a particularly significant psychological change. A real estate home buyers Miss Gu Wenpu for journalists forget T account: "the principal and interest calculated to equal the first suite, for example, loans to 40 million, 20-year mortgage, monthly for 2854 yuan / month, upward, for the month was 2898 yuan / months. more than 44 yuan per month, little impact. " Although the rate of interest on the loan less the impact, but there are some buyers ready to wait and see. Wang for second home buyers, said: "I am prepared to wait some time before, though also more equal shares to the tens of dollars per month, but interest rates may have an impact on prices, so be prepared to wait and see what the first, to see the market response. " Nanchong, the property market is still optimistic about the future "A good product will always be afraid of nobody." Deputy general manager of Sichuan have been into the Ganges River Co., real estate, general manager of Sichuan spring Taocheng Hua, deputy general manager Wang Jianjun home Nanchong Jinjiang, Chengdu, Nanchong, director-scale real estate and other industry insiders Chen Minghui Nanchong prospects for the future of the property market confidence. In their view, the New Deal on a third-tier cities in Nanchong effect is not particularly great. "New Deal type of suppression is speculative and investment-based clients, these people less than 10% in Nanchong. Rigidity is alive, once a suitable project to market, will naturally be the release of pent-up demand." Happiness index of a city often determine the city's real estate value, Nanchong, a happy life, low cost of living index rising livable ... ... in these growing urban label, no one doubts that the property market is still the future will be prosperous in Nanchong. Currently, the day Lo, the Ganges Ivy compound, million base blue field, the Thai city of eight islands together slowly, purple Royal Wing Court, Connaught International, Spring Rose Garden, Tianfu Pearl, Seville, days Heights, butterflies hospital, good faith Ashanti sun, the earth Jingxiu, South Gate One, a large number of quality real estate Longchuan Peninsula to meet with the public one after another, the quality of real estate in emerging urban housing will lead to better real estate development. During the interview, many business executives on the development of the future is very optimistic about the property market in Nanchong. "Nanchong more and more livable, more and more developed economy, the property market is no reason not to maintain a good development." Chen, general manager, a real estate consultant said. Three cultures, Jialing River, tourist cities and livable, the third city of Chengdu ... ... These factors have to Nanchong property market maintained a rapid pace of development. South Ho, general manager of a development company, said Nanchong prospects for the future of real estate the next few years, the most direct expression is the current commercial rents have been a lot of real estate go up more than 20%. "Although the property market in the future is bright in Nanchong, but the government also needs to continue to work with the developers." Mr. Lee engaged in real estate development, said the next hardcover housing, environmental protection and energy saving adequate residential parking spaces in the house, and these are the needs of the market direction, but also developers to open up the market direction.