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Offices are strong commercial real estate off the release of Power Hunnan
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Walking in the large Hunnan property market, to touch the same passion and fire burst out from the bottom of my heart the passion. This year in June, the whole operation to open the village built in the Hunnan more people to buy a house together. The good news does not stop there, when the south of Shenyang Administrative Region of the news of the future, people began to buy a house in the Hunnan "bursting." As the population intake increases, the formation of business climate, improving regional living environment, Hunnan commercial real estate bull market imminent. "Mystical body shopping" strong magnetic In Hunnan, or the Olympic spotlight around the commercial real estate, a few years ago into the city to be living in the Hunnan shopping, large supermarkets are now in close proximity, has been formed around the body of Shenyang, a new business center, a new "body of district" turned out. Shenyang Olympic Sports Center is the core of land sports, plus Hunnan have fast connections with its neighboring city traffic conditions, including the airport, light rail and subway, which will form their own unique business format. Hunnan plate in the body of the central business district, enjoying "South Golden Gallery" and "Silver Belt" Interchange prime advantage. In Hunnan, Olympic Sports Center is a huge magnetic field, as the center of its radiation many commercial real estate, not only pulled up the Hunnan potential, but also to Shenyang, the real estate development of the unlimited business opportunities. Two years, Yifeng come, Global China came, also came booming; Tesco supermarket grand opening, House had opened near the body of the veil ... ... focus on the Shenyang International Trade Center, Tsinghua Tongfang Harbor, rainbow five-star hotel, Polytec Plaza more than 20 modern service industry projects showing a large scale, targeting high long construction period, and other prominent feature. The gradual rise of large commercial projects so that residents are living in the Hun River, south of comfort and convenience to enrich the body of plate formats, so that a large body of muddy South regional value plates are increasing rapidly and has become home buyers The first choice for investment. Under the commercial upgrade multiple positive Currently, 600 square kilometers of the Great Hunnan regional strategic planning and 57 square kilometers of a large core area concept Hunnan planning has been completed. According to the plan, Shenyang City, will build a large core area of Shenyang Hunnan new administrative center, technology center, cultural center and transportation hub. Here, Shenyang will build the administrative and cultural areas, the Games Area, South Railway Station, R & D areas, cultural and creative areas, transport hubs and other functional areas, focusing on building the Games venues, Olympic Village, Media Village, the new administrative Center, Central Park, New South Station transportation hub, Provincial Archives, Provincial Science and Technology Museum, Book City, Academy of Fine Arts, Music, Science and Technology Building, and cultural buildings, reception centers, conference centers, international schools, international hospitals and other projects. Big Hunnan core goal is to become the world's third-generation City model, the hub for the international open doors and influence in Northeast Asia intelligence Metro. Such an ambitious plan to Hunnan commercial real estate into a new power, it is conceivable, with the deepening of the matching, shops, offices and other commercial real estate will be a powerful release. Sports Events on the impact of a regional commercial real estate is no doubt, allowed the completion of the Olympic Sports Center real estate prices are tumbling around the ground up, urban construction, great changes have taken place, and held the Games in 2013, More will Hunnan injected tremendous vigor into the commercial real estate. In preparing for the team in the National Games, the developer is particularly noticeable in the group. Construction by the city bypass, the National Games and the real estate interaction and jointly promote the city's rapid development. Olympic Sports Center, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court ... ... This reporter learned that, due to the existing sports stadium in Shenyang Hunnan most rooted, so some major competition venues and the Games media center and other ancillary services should also planning in the Big Hunnan, this will give athletes, coaches, officials, media people a great deal of convenience. This requires that commercial facilities are improved, whereby a large Hunnan can predict the commercial real estate will take the Games wind comprehensive upgrade. Effects of the business district with fire A few years ago, Yifeng the first time a call for "the body of shopping", with the Olympic Sports Center began to host sporting events and business performances, and the surrounding living conditions continue to mature, and now this area is thought to Shenyang, the future is the most dynamic region, and led the development of surrounding areas. Shen and the Olympic Sports Center Camp Road, not far from a mature business with Hunnan is the fastest growing large Hunnan plate, from the life of the people who service restaurants, drug stores, barber shops to today's Global China Square Wal-Mart, McDonald's Drive-Thru restaurants, daily living needs of the residents here not only to be met even improved. Evergreen Street in the east of an extension cord, YEUNG River to the west of the region, and formed a golden, Vanke the forefront of leading the plate, here has changed the traditional pattern of development of real estate, the scene in less than two years, the rapidly developing into to high-end high for the mainstream community. Housing here has become a big commercial real estate Hunnan rising star. Currently, the Seine home early products, in the water side, Vanke milestone, Yong Xi Jin Park Park, closed real estate projects has matured, the owner occupancy rate high, supporting the basic sound business community to meet the daily needs of residents. Sunburn can be potential ordinary hand shops For investors, large investment and commercial real estate Hunnan, in addition to the attractiveness of the product itself, the region's future development potential is to ensure that investors have access to the key elements of high returns. Construction of large Hunnan to the rapid development of regional economies into the fast lane. Commercial real estate markets in the Hunnan, shops occupy the absolute "boss" status. The specialized operations shops Yifeng Times Square, Global China Business Plaza, rainbow body of the International Garden in the district formed a "three pillars" of the potential for the market to contribute more than 700,000 square meters of retail supply. And that's not even counting the housing market in the Community 底商. Hunnan regional investors a higher degree of concern about street shops. This reporter learned that the rent Hunnan a general store about 5,000 yuan a month. A set area of 40 square meters, priced shops 13,000 yuan terms, its annual return was 11.53%. In this case, the shop is hot, the price rose over a year ago, nearly doubled the rent gone up the most d into, even so, did little to dispel the enthusiasm of buyers.