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Chao Ming street version of community service station office building "persona
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It is designed to provide immediate services for the office, it has a dedicated work room, a full-time staff, building version of community service station you heard it? Yesterday, the streets of Hangzhou Ming Chao established the first street building communities - "North Central building community." North Central area of building the community of 10.5 million square meters, won the Huayuan Development Building, Shanghai China International Trade Building, Fortune Center, reign of commercial buildings, Ka Ming UMC Block 5 blocks, 242 companies locating them. In the future, the 5 blocks in the building will become employees serve the community. "Building Community" as well as "entities Edition" and "Online." Monday to Friday, civil affairs, tax, land tax, and police stations will turn 8 functional departments stationed at the Integrated Service Centre staff on duty. To provide economic services, urban management, livelihood security, comprehensive management and top-five party-building services. Rest time, the service center staff is also a public phone open 24 hours. Also want to consult the relevant information policy, you can also log on QQ or "under the City Building Information System" web site consultation, and if no response for 30 seconds, the problem will be automatically sent to the mobile phone site administrator to alert in time to help.