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Center of Wu Tai business affairs
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Basic message is in politics area: Jilin the Changchun City Property property: Office building Property level: First class Project place: Ave of victory of the Changchun City hires carry out condition 498 numbers: The rental and detailed list that hire carry out leases carry out telephone: 0431-2983333/2983555 Develop business: Wu Tai real estate expands business: Wu Tai group invests setting to introduce property management: Wu Tai property manages finite liability company to cover an area of an area: 0.32 hectare cover an area of floor area that accumulate a graph: 25114 square metre buildings amount: 1
Detailed information hires picture of more of video of electronic building book carry out ministry: The project manages 0431-2983333/2983555 hire price originally: 1.9 yuan / smooth rice / nature history price compares bay area with building edifice price: The smallest 160 smooth rice is the biggest 1300 smooth rice has the standard width of a room in an old-style house the form a complete set inside building of detail of 0 the standard width of a room in an old-style house: Muti_function situation of transportation of other of bank of office is big dining-room: Periphery deserves to have many 40 public transportation line, can in time each area comment on come-and-go Changchun traffic elevator: 5 elevator air conditioning: Full automatic control human nature changes system of central air conditioning to enter be stationed in an enterprise: Fill add this building to enter be stationed in an enterprise this building is well-known into be stationed in an orgnaization to reveal this building to enter be stationed in sheet in all center of business affairs of Wu Tai of introduction of project of 20 companies service covers an area of a face to accumulate 0.32 hectare, total floor area 25114 smooth rice, total height amounts to 103.8 meters, be located in ave of victory of wide the city zone of the Changchun City with north, Yellow River Lu Yina, east 2 with the region of ” of “ gold triangle on the west, it is one of business of volume of the Changchun City, finance, office, shopping center area. Business affairs center reposes in developing zone of road of the Yangtse River of the Changchun City, can enjoy the good economy environment that provincial developing zone brings and favourable policy adequately, land of will great rate promotes the development of business affairs center. The form a complete set such as center of Wu of supermarket of chain of hotel of class of star of periphery of business affairs center, international, bank, telegraphic, post-office, meal, ticket serves a system to perfect, it is one of area of office of business affairs of first-rate of the Changchun City.
The integral program of center of Wu Tai business affairs and inside and outside decorate a design to chair a design by Hong Kong well-known architect Mr Chen Yongchao. The design thought of Mr Chen and international popularity pace conform, can calls contemporary design the example of the style. The appearance of center of Wu Tai business affairs designs Jun Lang, vogue, high, elegance, especially the imperial crown modelling of coping, the wind that highlighted Wang Zhe model. Night arrives, imperial crown bright is dazzing, give out dazzling smooth boundless and indistinct. The effect establishing a range of having a unique style. This project plane structure shows a triangle, stereo the sail that braves the wind and waves to one side, the implied meaning is worn the times spirit of development enterprising, sending out those who exert oneself is high-spirited, exuberant opportunity of survival, integral design uses orderly and concise and lively, forceful design technique, present beautiful curvilinear line, make a building rigorous and not inflexible, vivid and not exaggerative. Design colour criterion to be with the silver grey of contemporary popularity, blue ash base color, implicative and ages ago with echo of blue sky photograph.
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