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Center of Wu Tai business affairs
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Wu Tai property runs finite liability company is Wu Tai group and Dai Deliang travel, the company of top-ranking estate major service that powerful powerful combination makes, Dai Deliang goes namely Liang Zhenying surveyors of former Hong Kong goes, it is one of companies of Hong Kong's largest estate major service. Broken bits of the royal storeroom that ever had managed England, Hong Kong makes the famous structure such as Heng Jizhong heart of edifice of monarch of bank head office, Shenzhen, Beijing.
Easy communication: Before center of Wu Tai business affairs is located in the Changchun City to stand flourishing business district, it is Changchun traffic hub. Periphery deserves to have many 40 public transportation line, can in time come-and-go Changchun each area. Quick and business affairs office, convenient. Advantageous business affairs atmosphere: The periphery of center of Wu Tai business affairs has establishment of perfect, convenience business affairs form a complete set. Post office of the post office before periphery sets a station, district of the Yangtse River, black canalage post office; Guesthouse hotel includes guesthouse of hotel of an official conservatory in the Han Dynasty for collecting and composing folk songs and ballads, Chun Yi, day new hotel, traffic guesthouse to wait; Letter of bank of Bank of China, transportation, agriculture bank, construction bank, China adds up to silver-colored luggage draw together etc; Large trade has international to interlink mart of retail business Wo Erma, international, Jilin to save the oldest science and technology shopping mall of business of distance of city of science and technology of electron of information business city, the Yangtse River; Meal has agree heart chicken, surely win the well-known company such as big public house of bay of guest, Ouluoba, the North sea. At the same time periphery still sets office of office of much home attorney and accountant, the development that is each enterprise aids a helping hand!

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