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Face a market high-grade scriptorium is rental (Changchun)
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The price: The face is discussed yuan
Means: Rental
Area: 60 smooth rice
Have posture place: Jilin - Changchun - group of trade of market of sunny borough red flag

Build the office building that face a market, be located in group of trade of red flag market. 24 hours of security personnel, can inspect to telling the door, the heat of the earth's interior, the broadband is entered door. 9, 19, 252, 232, 222, 262, 104, 54, 267, 80 wait for multichannel bus, communication is easy. There is artistic college all round, foreign language school, 45 in, engineering courtyard. Establishment of form a complete set is all ready, appropriate lives appropriate business, of the ideal that is agency office anthology, can decorate by the requirement, intended person phone connection.
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