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Scriptorium of edifice of green garden culmination is rental (Changchun)
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The price: 45000 yuan
Means: Rental
Area: 150 smooth rice
Have posture place: Jilin - Changchun - edifice of culmination of open market of general of green garden area 904 rooms

Edifice of culmination of general open market 904 rooms 150 smooth Mi Chang leaves model scriptorium, but space paragraph, good at 9 levels in relief daylighting,

Liberating crossroads eye shot to be widened roomily to green garden area, circumjacent government facilities surrounds, traffic is very convenient, among them wait can reach a railway station respectively. Northward market. The area such as black canalage.

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5 years of above are long-term hire co-worker privilege: 45 thousand / year (water of property of water and electricity is warm the person that expend hire is conceited)
48 adjacent liberate open market of general of area of address green garden on the west crossroads faces green garden to green jade beautiful lake big public house
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