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Did my greenbelt where go?
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Common saying says " how to occupy ability happy industry " , as social development, people is right " how to reside " the demand also rises ceaselessly, because of such, when people is choosing housing, consider the factor such as the structure of the building, daylighting not only, and still consider the environment all round housing and establishment of relevant form a complete set. The case that we should pay close attention to today happens in Zhengzhou city inside one village, because village owner is right the village is relevant of establishment change and produce conflict with development business, was on a court accordingly. Case time putOf greenbelt contend for Was located in road of Zhengzhou city east wind 2000 take shape with happy garden village, the village drew the attention of the very much person that buy a house. Wang Meifeng is a among them, wang Meifeng says, the boreal entrance door that the greenbelt that there are big inside the village sends compatibly was taken a fancy to namely when buying a house at that time, through repeatedly choice, the environment inside village of happy to be the same as still garden and establishment of relevant form a complete set are more satisfactory. So she is in early or late 3 ring house was bought inside happy garden together, one is used for oneself, the others two apply mechanically the company at him open. At the beginning Wang Meifeng is bought to can be being bought flexibly housing feels very glad, situation is advantageous, the environment is beautiful, let person easy heart not only, also can promote the image of the company. However, with respect to a day after the Spring Festival passed 2005, tremendous change produced suddenly inside the village. Between one night, village owner discovers originally the most conspicuous gate inside the village and big greenbelt lost sign suddenly, those who replace is noisy building site. This lets a lot of owner cannot be accepted, they find development business to seek how a thing happened from beginning to end instantly. But develop business to tell owner, that gate and greenbelt are originally temporarily, want construction to rebuild now other facilities is normal behavior. Such explanation invites owner people cannot accept. To keep greenbelt and entrance door, owner people come out to prevent development business to continue in succession construction, for this owner people the conflict that still produced limbs to go up with development business. In ceaseless conflict, 2006 of village of the end of the year rebuild the project is initial completion, originally gate and greenbelt turned commerce into square. Very furious to metabolic Wang Meifeng and such other owner, they think this violated the original intention that they buy a house at that time not only, the serious also life that affected owner is mixed a travel. Belong to oneself gate and greenbelt to want to answer, also the legitimate rights and interests to safeguard owner, wang Meifeng and other two owner combination tells limited company of estate of Henan letter eaves to the court.
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