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" matter right law " the car after carrying out attributive reach accrual alloca
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" matter right law " the car after carrying out attributive reach accrual allocation

-- spokesman of news of institute of Chinese property government answers reporter

Reporter: With 20 years before and even the photograph 10 years ago is compared, the change of property management environment is breathtaking, jockey the main component that the service serves as property management, its are exterior environmental change is paid close attention to extensively likewise, ask you to talk about this kind of change simply.

Answer: In recent years, jockey service environment change is very big, main show is in the following respects: One of, jockey the diversification of establishment and jockey of the space stereo change, and jockey to administrative science and technology is changed and specialization with what its suit; Secondly, jockey diversity of establishment property right and jockey service price is commercialized, jockey the charge of the service is formed more clear and transparent; Thirdly, insurance system is increasingly perfect, the public liability insurance introduces stage by stage jockey management, what relevant insurance expenses becomes property to serve defray is necessary form; Its 4, execute the law judicatory specializations the level rises ceaselessly, the understanding that responsibility manages in serving to jockeying is objective with each passing day and rational; Finally, also be the mainest, it is to jockey the significant improvement that serves legislative environment, basically be " property regulation " and " matter right law " come on stage in succession, those who be parking space is attributive reach jockey the allocation of accrual laid legal foundation. Reporter: Of village parking space attributive and long-term since it is a topic that opinions vary, excuse me, " matter right law " after coming on stage, how be to limit a car authority belongs to? In real work this how applicable and relevant provision? Answer: " matter right law " the 74th provided a vehicle clearly the right of the garage is attributive: Inside building division into districts, the car that plans to be used at park car, of the garage attributive, pass by party sell, add give or rent wait for means agreement. The car that takes up other perhaps place uses the way with mutual owner at park car, belong to owner to share. So, " matter right law " carry out (on October 1, 2007) later, we are OK its judge according to the 74th times of parking space attributive. Say specificly, the program is used at park car, no matter subterranean car still is on the ground, decide through conventional means by development construction unit and owner attributive, conventional basis can be business contract mixes the building to run stipulations of an agreement temporarily; Floor parking space is like the road that takes up owner is shared or of other field, put in owner 's charge to share, but take up communal viatic or program use town at the ground car that jockey belong to exception. " matter right law " before carrying out, because lack relevant law provision, should distinguish different situation to treat, have an agreement, according to the agreement, without the agreement, should the property right property according to the village (the room changes room, cheap to hire room, economy applicable room, commodity house) build division into districts with former some, according to the principle judgement that respects the history, and should not maintain simply put in owner 's charge to share. Reporter: " property regulation " after carrying out, have a lot of controversies that stop fare about the ground. " matter right law " to ground car authority belongs to limit, whether be helpful for jockeying clearly of accrual attributive?
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