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Disaster of the be on fire in owner home and village compensate content is in ch
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As a result of the be on fire in owner home, cause village establishment damage, content is in charge of a company to tell owner the court below owner commission authorization, ask its compensate for the harm that cause. Court of district of river of Chengdu bright and beautiful entered a judgement to this case a few days ago, house-owner Jiang Huahong (alias) compensatory other people runs a company more than yuan 110 thousand. Late on March 17 last year, chengdu produces explosion in the one resident home of some village. The inflammation that causes because of exploding is very violent, bow wave and much smog enter floor passageway. The fire extinguishing system inside the passageway is started instantly, fire control swarms into elevator hoistway and photograph adjacent floor from 23 buildings with water inside, cause 3 elevator to be in short circuit of power source interface more, damaged much place metope and ground facilities. According to public security mechanism investigation is maintained after, this the member that the room mies wife undertakes the activity causes the cause of fire guilty. Content is in charge of a company to say, fire caused 144376.73 yuan loss. Content is in charge of a company to think, because the personnel inside the room undertakes the activity is caused guilty,public facilities is marred is, house-owner then Jiang Huahong sues a court, request court sentences the property administration fee that makes its recoup a loss and pay to still be defaulted 794.4 yuan. After the court is tried, think, jiang Huahong regards building droit as the person, manage not to be pooh-poohed to its building, should bear this record lawfully civil liability. To causing the tenement Chen Mingyou of fire, the court thinks, bring about fire to happen as a result of the fault that is Chen Mingyou, so Jiang Huahong is bearing this record after civil liability, can chase after countervail to Chen Mingyou lawfully. The court maintains former, the accused according to 2: The scale of 8 bears a loss, subsequently the court makes afore-mentioned court decisions.