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Decorate slack who should look for after all?
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Since upstairs after beginning to decorate my home (my home is 1 building) begin slack, but 2 buildings owner always sees however do not wear person, see he went upstairs obviously many times, and hear his home has voice, go knocking he does not leave namely, or drives the person of we and property to go namely, pay no attention to us. Ms. Liu met such trouble recently, so how should she do? Should seek property company after all or upstairs look for theory?
Property does not have direct responsibility
The reporter passes discovery of relevant personage of advisory law group and property company, according to relevant law, property company is interior to owner the quality problem that decorate does not assume legal responsibility. Accordingly, if upstairs and slack, you should withhold testimony, as soon as possible as academic as upstairs owner. No matter slack reason is adornment the company is caused carelessly or build quality problem, answer to seek relevant responsibility person by upstairs owner.
A lot of people think, upstairs and slack with property company superintendency not to be pooh-poohed is concerned, cause a loss to accuse property company so, but lawsuit is very rare win the lawsuit. Because be in reality, indoor owner undertakes decorate independently, regard property as the company, its obligation informs owner to there must not be change building construction to wait in decorating a process namely prohibit behavior gives to illicit behavior check. As to the quality problem that decorate, property company does not give superintend, also do not assume responsibility. But property company upstair owner is decorated the obligation that tells its to must not change building structure must be fulfilled when declaring.
Who has fault whose be out of pocket
Regular meeting of upstairs and slack classics is caused dispute and contradiction arise between owner. Everybody still should accommodate each other, appropriate processing, but who is responsibility after all? Should who draws out money?
" general rule of civil code of People's Republic of China " regulation: "Praedial photograph adjacent has square, ought to according to be helpful for production, convenient life, solidarity helping each other, fair and reasonable spirit, the photograph adjacent that handles the side such as cut water, catchment, current, ventilated, daylighting correctly concerns. Just cause to photograph adjacent hamper or losing, ought to stop enroach on, eliminate to hamper, recoup a loss. " the property government issue that lays by upstairs leakage aquatic product but according to civil code medium fault responsibility principle decides responsibility.
The reporter discovers through inquiring open judicatory legal precedent: In actual adjudgement, the judge thinks the building is common more wall, floor (the ceiling) reach the cop that has a share only, upkeep costs should fluctuate by this collective wall both sides or building floor bilateral owner is collective burden. But maintenance origin can return duty when Yu Mou owner, charge should by this owner burden. For instance, slack it is upstairs closet the waterproof measure that prevent leakage was not handled good to cause in decorating, answer to bear overhaul cost by upstairs owner apparently, recoup downstair owner loss.
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