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Neighborhood concerns
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Case one: 1, in May 2004, shanghai when Wang Mou of 3 buildings owner is decorating some village, when toilet installs the appliance that defend bath, in the stiletto on the floor below, because do not have sealed good, the result causes ooze water, qin Mou looks for downstair owner come to come, ask Wang Mou has repair or adopt other measure to remedy, but Wang Mou says this should be solved by property however. Then Qin Mou asks property management company makes investigation and processing. Property management company replies however water spills over from upstairs, as a result of,be of Wang Mou violate compasses decorate place to cause, the company should not bear the blame. 2, the building photograph adjacent of both sides of A, B, november 2003, the building of B is torn open old build new, the building that causes A appears to tilt apparently. A sues B then, ask its bear the cost such as maintenance building. During lawsuit, the forensic application according to A talks things over jointly via A, B, the damage situation that trusts limited company of technology of some building make a diagnosis and give treatment to contend for a building to bring a case to court, reason that cause damage, responsibility partakes wait for a project to have identification. Appraisal conclusion is: A, B the main reason that two buildings appear to tilt relatively is as a result of A, B two buildings all are located in on weak earth layer, building foundation apart is too close, the load that B house builds after is passed to the foundation, produce interaction with A building foundation, cause tilt; Secondary consideration depends on A building be formerly, add again after build half, building construction asymmetry. 3, Wang Mou lives in on the west the city zone faces street alley inside, housing is the bungalow of one brick timberwork, because the Liu Mou at adjacent of Wang Mou photograph wants restaurant of dish of an another name for Guangdong Province, he installed machine of a large lampblack, setting of its exhaust opening is on his roof. Window of housing a side installs the adjacent of wall substance appearance of machine of air conditioning air conditioning with Liu Mou fitly, both apart has 1 meter about, a narrow path is formed among, although do not go person, but it is Home Wang Mou all the time the ventilated thoroughfare with a main housing. After restaurant of dish of another name for Guangdong Province does business formally, wang Mou discovers to there always is a lampblack taste in 2 rooms, and once open an account ventilated, lampblack flavour is bigger. Search an account, the lampblack of the kitchen of restaurant of dish of another name for Guangdong Province that Wang Mou discovers to before is Liu Mou discharges a mouth to leave his a 2 layer windows are too close, want lampblack chance only, in the room that can lampblack change enters Wang Mou. Wang Mou looks for Liu Mou to discuss to solve lampblack to arrange an issue, liu Mou ignore. Have to, wang Mou finds property company, ask property company is handled, if you are property company controller, will you manage like where?   analysis: This case involves the different issue of a few respects in photograph adjacent relation. Photograph adjacent concerns, the angle of benefit of as a matter of expediency can call photograph adjacent to counterpoise. Alleged photograph adjacent counterpoises, be point to two or the praedial everybody of two above or have person, use person, accrual person, because one party is all to oneself or have, use, the praedial exercise droit of accrual or have, use, when accrual, enjoyed demand the other side gives the right of necessary advantage.
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