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Property company is not " the 2nd alarm force "
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In May 2006, estate company signed Chen Mou and something to enter agreement. Some day, the oneself autocycle after Chen Mou commutes late did not add device of guard against theft to be with respect to park inside the village, when waiting to go to work the following day, chen Mou discovers his autocycle already was not nodded in park, signed up for instantly alarm, but up to now not crack a criminal case. In October 2006, chen Mou is sued to the court, request court sentences your property company to recoup the loss of autocycle.

Analysis: After Chen Mou is being entered, signed with property company enter agreement, this contract is property company express clearly what the acceptance that provides property government service to Chen Mou and Chen Mou are willing to accept service and property government. Both sides had not signed custodial contract surely by property company with respect to Chen Mou's belongings or have other agreement, property company does not have the obligation of autocycle of custodial Chen Mou. Although property company has the obligation of day-to-day management to the safety of the village, but the obligation that the village safety that its assume is on guard just assists obligation.