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The village is public part, owner whether take up?
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Core unscrambles: Take up public share, influence building is other and mutual person interest, property should be in charge of     [incident] Li Mou bought waterside pavilion to spend one flatlet house. On September 27, 2003, li Mou and limited company of development of development house property, Shenyang develops property management limited company to sign jointly " property government joint pledge " agreement: "Owner is not gotten in housetop public position installs solar energy water heater " . Last year in August, li Mou installed solar energy water heater in oneself housetop; In those days in September, li Mou the accused arrives court. [court decision] forensic court decision: Li Mou will install the proper motion of solar energy water heater in housetop to demolish, housetop restorable. [judge view] town court of justice civilian 2 front courtyard advocate careful judge Na Zhuo: Released 1989 according to building a department " urban different produces adjacent building to administer a regulation " regulation: Everybody is opposite with use person facilities of water of mutual, common hallway, balcony, roofing, corridor, kitchen, toilet and courtyard road, fluctuation, should collective and reasonable use and assume corresponding obligation. Divide outside having an agreement additionally, any one party should be not occupied more, exclusive, everybody is in with use person the building is mutual, common place, must not have the action that harms other places interest. In this case, the accused Li Mou carries a space on the head to install water heater in public building, violated the regulation of property convention, to the building waterproof bring secret worry, affect a building the interest of other and mutual person.