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The house did not live, owner is handed in do not pay administration fee
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Ask: Oneself bought a period house, when dealing with stop add, raised many detail quality questions to building interior, think this room did not obtain a condition, but go abroad because of wanting to choose the home, entering join the opinion that oneself offerred on sheet, received door key. After half an year, this lady goes back to the motherland discovery, concerned detail quality issue still was not solved, and property management company gave out much portion to rush the announcement that makes property cost however. Feel very bad luck, when controlling a house at the outset, be opposite the house is dissatisfactory, this him half an year also did not live, how even administration fee of property of pay so much? Think the building has a problem excuse me, offerred oneself opinion, but collection building key, whether does this kind of practice of this lady mean a building already was consign used? The lawyer solves: The consign in building business, tell from firm sense, ought to be regard final consign as the standard with register and be being obtained of property right card, because the basis concerns a provision, only property right card just is the exclusive and legal evidence that property right person is enjoyed and exercise produces the right about money. But in be being operated actually, because develop business,the house great majority of the sale is period room, and the building is in check and accept after having sex, deal with to property right card come down, often have a longer cycle, the taking that this makes the real pay of the content of mark and relativity prove cannot complete synchronism. Accordingly, enter one of having sex to become building business pay important segment, buyers and sellers often serves as a when check and accept a building to whether accord with legal peace treaty to decide consign condition main program with this link. Be in " contract of commodity house business " the 8th with eleventh in, the program that all joins to the building made conventional standard, be like: The requirement develops business to be when consign building, offer a building to check and accept eligible proof to the person that buy a house; Development business does not produce proof document or produce a proof the file is not all ready, the person that buy a house has authority to reject to receive, the delay that produces from this hands in room responsibility to be assumed by development business. Specific to this lady, although she runs from opposite directions,the consign that sends dealer offerred his opinion, but if these opinions are not formed legal or of the agreement, cannot the circumstance of consign (the house is for instance basic wait without checking and accept qualification formally) , received door key again at the same time, explain this lady already expressed to approbate to the consign of the building, she put forward to continue to ask to develop business to undertake repairing to detail problem, but cannot think the building does not accord with consign condition accordingly. Accordingly, to ever since content is in charge of cost to answer consign.
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