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Run quickly the nick case analysis of the car
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Case: Controlled at 21 o'clock in the evening one of these day in November 1999, office of government of large building of company of something industry management is on duty manager (security personnel foreman) receive a guest to complain, this edifice car of 2 doors square of a white that go up run quickly car, the discovery on car head has the mark that has been delimited. Security personnel foreman is received after complaining, the member that be in charge of with the car instantly, car advocate hurry to the spot to examine. Classics examination, discover head of this car vehicle has one to truly by nick mark. This car vehicle advocate say, 19: 45 when jockeying, the car is in good condition. Car head had nick now, it is the responsibility of the member that square car is in charge of, the member that requirement square car is in charge of and edifice government office bear a loss. Security personnel foreman expresses at once, if this car is delimited,be what to happen after 2 doors square stop in the edifice truly, edifice government office should assume corresponding responsibility, but nick is like is an old mark, if do not take the evidence that gives to be cut truly to prove after jockeying, this nick happens, the expert that should ask adept or authoritative department comes appraisal, after affirming, handle all right again.

Car advocate after approving this one proposal, immediately of security personnel foreman is dialed 110 get in touch with policeman group. After 110 policemans hurry to the spot, made examine meticulously and analyse to nick: This nick is deepness cut, already showed three-layer priming paint. If this nick is what to appear after 2 doors square stop in the edifice truly, so nick can take bit having lacquer certainly on the ground of perpendicular lower part. Classics both sides affirms, the ground had not been swept, also did not see bit of a bit lacquer; New nick both sides is due also lacquer bits coils the remains of the edge, but now it is smooth by the side of the nick on car head. The conclusion that they reach is this nick is old mark. Face this one conclusion, car advocate speechless, the face shows a look of shame. Security personnel foreman sees state not only without blame car advocate the ill will that has frame sb, and be full of sincerity ground to the car advocate excuse, admit oneself work to still have not considerate place. When if the car just came,square jockeys, the member that the car is in charge of is checked to car around, discover nick, ask a car advocate affirm, won't the following thing happens.
After the event, edifice government office organized security personnel personnel and experience of summary of the member that the car is in charge of, put forward to will altogether henceforth car comes to an edifice square jockeys, the member that the car is in charge of must undertake checking to its around left and right sides, discover the problem asks a car on the spot advocate affirm, make good record; Want to strengthen the study of professional knowledge at the same time, the eye that escalates pair of spot problems and deal with ability, as far as possible appropriate has handled sudden incident.
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