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Garage water adj/LIT wide is new run quickly property is compensated for 860 tho
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Dispatch of Chinese court net because of light rainstorm, property unawares, garage of as a result drinks water, a when cause owner to stop inside new fund runs quickly the car is wided destroy entirely. property the company told a court under owner stretch. Recently, heilongjiang saves final judgment of senior people court to adjudicate property company will run quickly car repair becomes the original state before be being immersed by water, if cannot be fulfilled by time limit, each real cost that is about to compensate for owner to repair car happening more than yuan eight hundred and sixty-seven thousand three hundred.
Li Gang is Harbin the owner of some garden village, the property company that this village is the same as while Li Gang was buying a house on July 2, 2003 was signed " car the contract that rent " . Contract agreement: Lease a year, come to stopped on August 20, 2004 since August 21, 2003. The contract sets this village again " garage management system " regard this contract as component, have coequal law effectiveness with this contract. After the contract is signed, li Gang is decided according to it to property company pay hire 8000 yuan, the vehicle that acquired parking lot of residential building underground use.
As it happens was playday July 10, 2004, overworked the Li Gang of a week stays in the home, plan beauty beautiful ground and domestic person pass weekend. But will breath out the weather of city to say to change however in July, return colourful Yang Gaozhao in the morning, arrived not to know how to begin haze my day midday, before long the sky fell suddenly big rainstorm. Heavy rain the force with which sth breaks out is roaring, see only for calendar year place, persistent time is very long also, the seeper of the ground rises quickly, flow backward very quickly entered subterranean garage.
When the staff member of property company response comes, the seeper inside the garage already end crossed an ankle. Property organizes hand quickly outward catchment, dan Yu falls too greatly, the flow of water rises ceaselessly, the speed of property catchment cannot catch up with swollen speed at all. When when Li Gang gets the message hurries to a garage, the water level inside the garage already had one person much deeper, enter at all did not go. Li Gang within an inch of faints at that time, oneself just were bought before long a new fund runs quickly the car is stopping in the garage, water is so deep, the car is.
After rain stops, property discharges water clean, li Gang developed a garage the first times, see oneself only run quickly Che Shuilin stops drenchingly in the car on, inside and outside must have been won'ted do by bubble entirely appearance. Li Gang asks property company gives a view at once, build a car and recoup a loss. But property thinks, the sky falls rainstorm causes a garage to be wided, it is force majeure, property company should not bear a loss. Do not talk things over, in September 2004, the development company of company of property of Li Gang general and this village appeals to to court of Harbin city intermediate people.
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