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How capital of reasonable use maintenance
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Special maintenance capital is the capital form that companion changes development as the city and produces, be used what it matters to village residence normally and safe, matter to all owner and society public interest. Build housing special maintenance capital, it is to be used at the building common place, common the maintenance of facilities facilities, update and transform, comparative to be built to housing then " gold of medical treatment insurance " . One, the nature that understands special maintenance capital and   of of scope of application are right owner, want to have an understanding and knowledge to maintaining capital above all, maintenance capital property right belongs all owner, in course of study appoint property company is entrusted to manage for you after can holding water, it is special use at the residence common place, common facilities facilities newspaper is repaired period the maintenance after passing, capital that update and transforms. Special maintenance capital provided strong economic safeguard to be used of property normally and be transformed newlier, avoided thereby till occurrence problem when again " look for the boiler below rice " phenomenon. The scope of application that maintains capital limits for: 1, the maintenance of place of for private use and equipment of for private use, update and transform expense, assume by this owner. 2, common place and common the dimension of equipment is updated and transform expense, assume jointly according to the floor area proportion that has severally by the owner of whole building. 3, the maintenance of public position and public facilities, update and transform expense, manage all owner inside area to be assumed jointly according to the floor area proportion that has severally by property. 4, of property common facilities of place, public facilities belongs to individual behavior to cause losing, its maintenance, updated mixing transforms charge to be assumed by responsibility person. 2, property management company should make owner seasonable know property common place, common the owner with the moving state major   of facilities facilities pays close attention to the order in property management routine to safeguard only commonly, a few problems such as the attitude of attending to guests of clean afforest and property administrator, but right located property building facilities, common the circumstance of equipment and relevant knowledge understanding are very little. This needs property management company to strengthen the communication with owner, the relevant knowledge of facilities of the fundamental condition that informs property, facilities and effective use prices besides. 3, property is common place, common facilities facilities produces unusual situation, property management company should tell owner and owner committee as soon as possible, fulfil processing in time. When property common place, common facilities facilities breaks out breakdown, be put in great hidden danger or guarantee more than when fixed number of year, property company should be in tell owner for a short while, communicate in time with owner committee. If accord with the condition that employs special maintenance capital, should do good crisscross to examine and approve by the regulation, maintenance fulfils the job, ensure the normal use function of property. 4, property management company must implement the relevant provision such as fund management, action strictly, had done each to examine and approve the job by the program.
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