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Owner is decorated to be versed in killing property company is sentenced to comp
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Shenzhen decorates labour Zhong Xianhui to use expire " decorate discrepancy card " enter a village, kill owner, the victim's mother thinks property management manages the obligation that did not use up safe safeguard, adviser of estate of company of estate of the East China Sea, Dai Deliang travel (Shenzhen) Zhong Xianhui of office of government of garden of limited company and its branch the East China Sea, murderer told a court together, demand the other side recoups each loss nearly 6 million yuan. On December 22, court of district of cropland of Shenzhen city blessing rules property company assumes the 30 % that compensate for amount, more than yuan about 170 thousand. It is reported, this is court of top this year in May people " about trying statute of comfortable use of person damages case the explanation of a certain number of problems " first relevant cases that since carrying out, this city adjudicates.     in April 2002, victim Zheng Li Shan bought the housing of village of garden of the East China Sea. Village property management handles commitment: Assist door of the Ministry of Public Security to uphold the public order inside this property area, 24 hours have security personnel to patrol be on duty with seasonable, appropriate processing of all kinds sudden incident. Enter in those days, zheng Lishan undertook decorating to its housing. Murderer Zhong Xianhui serves as decorate a worker, in the East China Sea garden government office was dealt with " discrepancy card " . On July 21, 2003 morning 9 when, zhong Xianhui took one Zhang Guo period " discrepancy card " enter garden of the East China Sea, the member that ensure public security was not examined carefully already " discrepancy card " also did not ask Zhong Xianhui undertakes registering, agree with its to enter a village. Zhong Xianhui with " do maintenance " for, the baby-sitter Li Yuanqiu of deceive Zheng Li Shan opens the door. After entering room, zhong Xianhui kills Li Yuanqiu, and search is gotten 1000 multivariate cash and 6 mobile phones. After half hour, zheng Lishan comes home, zhong Xianhui is threatening Zheng Lishan opens a safe, take away more than yuan of 10 cash. Procurable hind, zhong Xianhui kills Zheng Lishan, carry spoil to escape garden of the East China Sea. Of the same age on July 27, zhong Xianhui is seized by public security mechanism. On April 1, 2004, shenzhen town intermediate court of justice sentences Zhong Xianhui capital punishment with robbing blame, intended homicide. At present this case is saving tall courtyard check in Guangdong. Lady of money of Zheng Lishan mother appeals to say: The member that the village ensures public security did not examine the discrepancy evidence of solid Zhong Xianhui, also did not undertake registering granting discharged, as a result of its error brings about Zheng Lishan to be killed, the action that this management manages already formed tort. The supervisory equipment stale that company of estate of the East China Sea equips for the village is backward, anthology hire property management the company is undeserved, also should assume implicative liability to pay compensation. Court of money lady request sentences your the accused to compensate for its expenses of compensation of funeral expenses, death, be lived by bring up life damages of cost, transportation expenses, spirit totals more than yuan 970 thousand, and because tort behavior is brought about,can expect income loss nearly 3 years 5 million yuan. On the court, administrative office thinks, the case is here medium, murderer Zhong Xianhui answers be murdered result of Zheng Lishan to assume damages responsibility. Management is in the person inside private to Zheng Lishan property, belongings not to have safety to guarantee obligation, have the safety inside reasonable limit to guarantee obligation to public section only. Management lies safeguard public order respect to already used up enough obligation, the nonfeasance behavior that its did not register does not have illegal sex, also do not have subjective fault, with Zheng Lishan do not have between be murdered result causal. Even if management lies safeguard public order respect to did not use up the safety inside reasonable limit range to guarantee obligation, also should be in only can prevent and check corresponding additional liability to pay compensation is assumed inside harm limits.
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