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Collect golden drop 200 yuan
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According to Jilin city Liu Dahui of vice director of property government office introduces, 2008 is government of our city city consolidates year, height of municipal Party committee, municipal government takes uptown property seriously to supervise the work, mayor Zhang Xiaopei is in uptown environment punish mixes lieutenant general of governmental working report to advance standardization property to manage the job to include in the round " the people's livelihood 10 real issues " one of. Work as punish of uptown this year environment and standardization property management begin, uptown property takes seriously what managed the job to get municipal Party committee, municipal government greatly more.

To push the property administration of standardization in the round better, solve the difficult problem that puzzles governmental administration for a long time to be in charge of a branch, office of government of property of city of Jiangchen evening paper and institute of government of Jilin city property, Jilin is begun jointly " property should be in charge of everybody to say how " thematic series activity, broad citizen is aimed at how to do well property management but speak out freely.

Mobile meaning: Do well property management improves living quality

According to Introduction Liu Dahui, property management is the serious content of urban government, also be the main component of function of governmental city government. Do well property management, to promoting socioeconomy image of city of development, promotion, increase obtain employment chance, improve living quality, safeguard a society stable, compose builds harmonious society to wait for a lot of respect to will rise active urge action. Current, the our city enters implementation gross to cross the crucial period of a target and level of assault fortified positions, person hearten falls on whole town, enthusiasm is dye-in-the-wood. Come a few years, below the right leader of municipal Party committee, municipal government, development of management of our city property is rapid.

Liu Dahui says, property management has made a relatively independent trade. As a burgeoning industry, management of our city property still is in primary level, problem of bequeath of history of village of new old house and the consciousness that property serves the administrative concept of the enterprise, owner to accept public service and property management commercialize the contradiction of development to interweave together, highlight stage by stage in advancing property management to commercialize a process come out, bring about the village that abandon a canal and the occurrence of the building that abandon a canal even, these problems had become the bottleneck that restricts our city property to manage an industry to develop. Property management is the child of market economy, broad owner is the demand main body of property management, support of owner of need of property management job, participate in and understand.
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