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The incident that lay a person is derivative history on most Niu Qun rents a hou
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Call person event accidentally together, bank international owner discovered city letting silver on the west an astonishing thing: There is “ unexpectedly in the village history on most Niu Qun hires room ” ! 42 laborers lived in 101m2, and more than still one place.

Below the requirement of owner, content canal thinks up a face to check group hire, encountered code however difficult problem: Although Shanghai, Suzhou has,be aimed at group hire restrict a regulation, but Nanjing is done not have! Contradictory deeper and deeper …… perplexes canal of owner, content and laborer tripartite of the big city such as Shanghai, Beijing group hire dispute to be in Nanjing to erupt for the first time eventually!

The incident that lay a person exposes to the sun piece group rent a house

“ will be on May 5 then before dawn is much at 2 o'clock, a few workers should enter a village, security personnel should examine their discrepancy evidence, produced dispute to be hit. Result laborer cries to 8 203 rooms, came 20 many laborers besiege security personnel, 110 came, the laborer that lay a person was caught 2, some ran. Bank international owner says ” silver-colored town on the west, their this ability discovers group of incident that rent a house.

Owner people say, group hire a room to be in their village more than one place, it is respectively 2 period a 302 rooms, 1002 rooms, 1301 rooms, 8 203 rooms, first phase 5 2 602 rooms, 601 rooms, it is one grooms the orgnaization is hired below. Owner people this thing online exposure, call its “ history on most Niu Qun hires room ” !

Such group where to hire “ ox ” after all to be in? The reporter is on-the-spot yesterday seek by inquiry. A 302 rooms are a 2 rooms the house of one hall, the area is 101m2, altogether placed bed of 21 pieces of discretion, among them 1 piece of beds are stupefied is a place of strategic importance is in the kitchen, altogether can live 42 people. Average 2m2 of his living space is bit more, crowded degree cans be imagined. Toilet doorway paste is worn “ accommodation management sets ” , inscribe grooms for school of “ Nanjing advanced duty exam center ” . A lot of workers lie on the bed, some smooth the upper part of the body are to-and-fro.

The worker tells a reporter, they are in dream the Nanjing advanced vocational school on the ave accepts service going abroad to groom. The condition is OK still here, be groomed company arrangement. Accommodation cost all is hit into groom expended, groom, should live 6-8 person hostel gift is nice! ”

Owner asks property checks

It is adjacent with so much laborer, village owner but not willing! They feel malcontent to the house-owner of those 6 rooms: Have an insatiable desire for botch of that bit of money well house, care about neighborhood to concern far from! Everybody gets online in succession hair post, or protest to property company, the requirement is restricted group hire a phenomenon.
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