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Doleful Wang Zhe: 10 thousand divisions " miser " Wang Shi sings cock the world
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Contribute money of staff of king stone requirement the opinion on public affairs of 10 round upper limit, it is “ really one stone arouses 1000 billow ” , face the invective sound of countless doubt and expeditionary sound, than allowing when to be awaited before the Wang Shi that once ascended Mount Everest is more alone! !

Wang Shi is not an imprudent person, also not be a person that lacks political wisdom, in commercial domain not be more one won't make fun of the big old foolish of playboy! In the sensitive hour of Sichuan earthquake, why should he give such speech, if from the ordinary person read Wang Shi a little with viewpoint of value, do not read likely give true Wang Shi to come!

Wang Shi can go to today step by step, compare those certainly invective what is the understanding money that can his person cut more greatly? More the value that knows life wheres, where happily?

The person is living not allow really easy, how many person knows poineering hardship, how many person knows to ascend the suffering of Mount Everest! Same thing, how many responsibility mixes under cover inside fun, the generation that this is those busy can appreciate gets!

People dare not say Wang Shi, what do this show? Explain Wang Shi is a person that dare say at least, it is a person that courage dares to express him point of view! It is a consistent person! Can accomplish this, with respect to enough be filled with deep esteem letting a person!

Say king stone conversation owes a consideration, this also too look down upon Wang Shi, too look down upon 10 thousand divisions! Wang Shi and ex-premier had had society, he does not know the heft of own word impossibly, can why should he say so? ? Is “ language not breathtaking absolutely refuse to to rest for what is ” after all?

Wang Shi is oral the miser that goes up to grudge like, move however on the action uncommon, what he says is, those who do is. There also is a lot of saying that one does person on the world, but others is to say those who do is little more, wang Que conversely.