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Jing explodes: Fine jade in former days precious jade theatrical work is little
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A lot of beauties are easy old example only post, total meeting is reduced not self-consciously fine jade precious jade the concentration camp of drama heroine, those once carve of powdery makeup jade, exquisitely carved, delicate and charming but the person's belle, in the ablution of leisurely years, each decay became middleaged young married woman, these young married woman, maintain appropriate person, the Fu is the United States that is weighed, maintain undeserved person, became the “ aunt ” in big members of a family, “ Europe Ba Sang ” .

And those once were in fine jade precious jade in drama, what swear by the moon and the stars in the skies to love forever with each young woman fining jade is small unripe people, they also Ceng Yingjun is cheesy, tasteful Ti Tang, gentle Confucianism elegant. After ten years today, did they become again what kind of?

Years adds all annual ring on their body, or deep or shallow, that day compares one extremely big beer belly, that day compares a day of deep piscine end grain, that day of more than a day vicissitudes of life feels. Is also having thing of a kind of “ the feeling of person blame ” ?

Look at them the old appearance of sharp contrast is new colour, to me character, it is moment of a few minutes nevertheless, to them, it is years changes of more than 10 years however

Jing explodes:
Lin Ruiyang

Lin Ruiyang

He not only it is to fine jade precious jade drama for use of an emperor is small unripe, also be in Taiwan movie and TV encircles all-powerful more than 10 those who carry is presiding small unripe.

" pink clouds of mew flying place flies " in bad to the marrow, crazy also however possible Ou Shiche, the sort of provide a shock to erupt extremely the show of force, let a person strike the table and shout bravo.

" cliff looking at a husband " Li Jie unruly aing good horse, ebullient Xia Lei, in that way green, in that way proud, in that way cheesy, in that way traitorous, in that way contradictory, let person insanity bewilderment.

" dumb wife " in pursuit must not be on bad terms however freely traditional and lay compromise, inner kink, struggle, betray, escape, faulty real however Liu Jing character, hate of love letting a person interweaves.

" one cheap deep and remote dream " in painful, suffer, the Chu Lian of in a dilemma, in Fei Yunfan big gold of emperor of this great affection advocate below contrast, appear dim and blank, but, because of Lin Ruiyang deduce, I am right Chu Lian, without very deep resentment, just light but ……

Student times, still had looked forest eldest brother is a few otherer Thespian work, " thousands of words " , " skyline in all right now " , " there will be you tomorrow " , " affection of true love generation " , " jubilate building " ……
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