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High temperature intense heat of summer reveals enterprise of human Shanghai par
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Yesterday, shen Cheng spent day of a high temperature again, handle the work to be being taught in culture of British consulate general China for the young lady, the time that Zhou Sicheng expects for her, because of this day she need not be used go out feel intense sunshine, work in the home. Since April, china the office that the young lady is in rolled out “ employee to be able to apply for 1-2 every week second Homeworking(handles official bussiness in the home) the system of ” . On July 3, she had spent the high temperature day of the first job is in the home.

Homeworking results from this kind the system of foreign enterprise, be in Chinese enterprise two this years, especially the certain branch of enterprise of a few foreign capital begins to execute. The stuff that enjoys this one system thinks it brought profit, to the enterprise character, this runs without influence industry, brought managing office space instead, make personnel more active the effect such as the job.

[How to work in the home]

With office work and rest about the same

On July 3 morning at 9 o'clock half, china the young lady opens computer, begin the 1 work of the day, the time that this time and she goes to work in the office is same. The weather forecast that day shows, temperature is as high as 35 ℃ , it is Shen Cheng today summer day of the 3rd high temperature, also be China the day of the 1st high temperature that “ of young lady application encounters since ” of a day of job is in the home. In the morning, china groom on the web that the young lady accepted British headquarters 2 hours first, saw some of file, return next working mail, work all the time afternoon at 1 o'clock. Afternoon at 2 o'clock, she did to evaluate a report first, it is next the following day a significant activity prepares the job, work all the time at 5 o'clock next time of half —— office.

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