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Star of 37 big shop sign and parental home person are precious household group p
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Close feeling is strong at water, in recreational group same also, our big star people the scene before the stage makes everybody infatuate, it is however in parental eye, they are their children forever, probably they ever also lay in father bosom to act like a spoiled child, the story that ever also hearing mom to tell falls asleep. We are special the instant these eternity one by one enumerate comes out, hope these are classical can perpetuation, the parents of hope the world is healthy and macrobian. Of course, retry incidentally try everybody's eyesight.

Su Youpeng and mom

Su Youpeng's parents divorces when his childhood because of emotional problem, the Su Youpeng terribly after this also lets become famous is pained, till last year, below his effort, parents just resumes marriage, return in former days perfect family, but domestic misfortune, let Su Youpeng very get hurt, he present has even some be fear of marriage.

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