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" kongfu panda " hide Abao of Ji of duty field secret teachs your 5 device with
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The person that enters duty field newly noticed, " kongfu panda " also be to be the office amazingly quick that you prepare to go up a secret Ji. Wet behind the ears you, how to make oneself outstanding, amaze the people with a single brilliant feat? Want a place below alertly please:

" kongfu panda " placard

1, if you do not have a ticket, you can try to abstain chair of fireworks and firecrackers to fall from the day.

Every doorsill has diverse hard thick line, only the requirement of fixed number of year of job of job of professional diploma, one's own profession is quite terrible, more do not carry close close interview and assessment. Do gold to get gens to must grab the personal details of the eye? Those who see A Bao come on the stage beautiful ——

A treasure is to choosing what noodle sells on beautiful congress originally, if he believes he sells noodle, he is selling the likelihood noodle all the time. However, he is an all-time kongfu vermicelli made from bean starch, he is hep the successful case of every ace, collected the doll of 5 old past master even, making the dream that can compare a shoulder with ace everyday.

On one: 10 thousand divisions are suspected of the price violating plan is possible be punished 87.6 million yuan of Wang Shi personally mediate

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