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Adscript " equestrian cloud phenomenon " leave us think
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Review life course of Ma Yun, from thin and small of form of childhood times body scrappy however imp, to young times never character is abandoned attended the university entrance exam 3 times, and later do poineering work difficultly for many times however all previous classics fails for many times, and the successful entrepreneur that becomes a respect getting a person finally, one stands fast him core viewpoint of value and the industry leader that having intense mission feeling, his threaten should guide global netizen to enter " network business times " ... all these lets a person feel mysterious, this appears in us namely this great period, appear in folk, appear in careless root estate " Ma Yun phenomenon " .

"Equestrian cloud phenomenon " what to bring to us? The determination that is difficulty of him conquer, conquer is enraged with brave, the spirit of the passion that still does poineering work, passionate lofty sentiments, successful confidence, innovation? I want to have a lot of reflection that turn over logic more:

1. Why " poor student " can you also succeed?

Ma Yun is graduated from institute of Hangzhou normal school, one can be considered as " little known " second-class the school, compared with the Zhang Chaoyang of school of name of one's previous experience, Ding Lei, Chen Tianqiao, it may be said of attend school experience is all the way rough. But, it is a such people, founded website of a China and even world's greatest electronic business affairs however. Is this why? This is having the person do poineering work of successful dream with each to controller of each pedagogue, education, family, school, be worth to think.

2. After all what kind of person ability is successful? What is the quality of the person that succeed?

Ma Yun has said: "Ma Yun can succeed, the person of 80% can succeed. " but why the small number of people succeeds only? Did Ma Yun's successful case announce what? What is successful crucial factor?

3. Does the enterprise want what to kind of management need successfully after all? Does the glamour of Ma Yun management where after all?

Ma Yun, did not lead style, a lot of people say he grows so that resemble imp, resemble bad person, but, he however can the elite group that compose establishs an all-conquering, what is recipe? How can be Ma Yun's excellent government leader just formed?

Alibaba's catchword is " the trade that allows the world to was not done hard " . "Network business times " it is the times that real the whole people is in business, want to have Internet only, without any doorsills, anybody can be used clean out treasure and Alibaba to acquire information and business. The network business that I consider to this book also is network business and future people how does communication use deal of electronic business affairs the tower built a platform. Everybody can discuss the following issue jointly:
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