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Alibaba moves toward the world
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Alibaba's target is the way that should change global businessmen deal, it is to want to take global netizen network business period. Such Alibaba is destined to belong to whole world.

Alibaba's target

Ma Yun is a person that likes to decide a goal, a lot of targets let a person feel Yao that he cannot be reached, the tall canal that joins his at hand namely feels impossible to come true, the Ma Yun that love bets is betted with them went up. Finally, ma Yun is to win the home.

2003, ma Yun put forward Alibaba everyday the target of 1 million RMB of income; 2004, ma Yun was placed for Alibaba everyday gain the target of 1 million RMB; 2005, ma Yun was placed for Alibaba pay tax everyday the target of 1 million RMB. In Ma Yun everywhere " do sth over and over again " below, these targets the unexpectedly was finished ahead of schedule.

After-thought 2002, at that time day income of Alibaba just 130 thousand yuan, to everyday income 1 million yuan appear this the goal that Yao cannot reach, there are two undue self-confidences to Ma Yun to support distrustful attitude in 6 high levels, then they and equestrian cloud bet, everybody cannot be accomplished with cloud of horse of 10 thousand yuan of bet. "I get result the end of the year this money. " Ma Yun is laughing at say. Two provide personnel high with what Ma Yun bets, admit bet admit defeat, delighted ground handed in 10 thousand yuan of cloud giving a horse severally. Successful Ma Yun asked two tall canals to eat abalone each with this money.

Ma Yun's success, those who depend on is efficient executive force. Ma Yun ever was what Alibaba says " team of idea of and rather than of an executive team " . He emphasizes repeatedly in different situation, the decision that goes carrying out a mistake sometimes always is compared indecisive perhaps be close friends more without the decision. Because in executive process you can have more time and opportunity to discover and correct an error,this is; A person that decides to have 90% thinks correct when, you should throw it in dustbin; If one decides to let the person of the half,quarrel endlessly, so this thing has the taste that tries quite.

The Changjiang Delta that divides numerous medium spring had said: "Original person is very much, but the person that can execute originality is very few. " and Ma Yun and Sun Zhengyi once also had discussed an issue: Top-ranking drop adds small-time to implement a standard, increase top-ranking executive level with small-time drop, which is more important? As a result two people reach unanimous answer: Small-time drop increases top-ranking executive level.

2006, what is target of equestrian cloud the next?

On the equestrian cloud body that runs from full earth, we get very easily concluding it seems that, ma Yun should implement global strategy of Alibaba quickly, rangalibaba moves toward the world, become the top company of a whole world, the person that lets a whole world uses Alibaba, want to take whole world netizen into network business times!
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