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Appendix 3 Alibaba annals (2)
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In August 2005:

Alibaba is allied Yahoo China, obtain 1 billion dollar of Yahoo China to invest.

November 2005:

Alibaba's subordinate Yahoo released brand-new search engine, ma Yun expresses, alibaba has determination to have hope more already in search domain, since today, be in China, "Yahoo is a search, the search is Yahoo " .

2005 the end of the year:

Alibaba is chosen to be " employer of year of 2005 CCTV China is investigated " optimal employer, realize day of pay taxes 1 million yuan.

In March 2006:

The company holds Chinese agriculture bank and Alibaba jointly press conference, both sides pays in B2B electron and the domain pays on individual net hand in hand, collective development electron pays new era on the net of business affairs times.

In May 2006:

Alibaba announces to be platform in order to clean out treasure net, domain of B2C of make one's bow. With the month, the net that clean out treasure clinchs a deal newly with what pay treasure company to announce together data shows, the net that clean out treasure first quarter clinch a deal amount achieves 3 billion yuan, single day breaks through 4 000 10 thousand yuan. With this analogize, 2006 annual, complete hopeful breaks through the net that clean out treasure 14 billion yuan assembly pays the specified amount, opposite 2005 8.02 billion yuan clinch a deal the forehead grows 75% . Pay treasure to will be in those who clean out treasure net to trade everyday in June at the same time the forehead exceeds 3 100 10 thousand yuan, these two data also created domestic C2C market and the newest record that tripartite pays the market.

In June 2006:

Magazine of American authoritative finance and economics " Business 2.0 " announce its " the whole world 50 provide pop chart of personage of consequence business circles most " , the entrepreneur that website author Ma Yun regards Alibaba as area of exclusive chinese mainland is selected, rank the 15th, bigaici even tower above 6.