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Appendix 3 Alibaba annals (1)
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In March 1999:

The website rolls out Alibaba, cloud of group leader horse answers Hangzhou formally to do poineering work.

In July 1999:

China accuses Alibaba a limited company hold water in Hong Kong.

September 1999:

Alibaba (China) network technology limited company holds water in Hangzhou. Hong Kong and Hangzhou regard Alibaba as company headquarters and seat of Chinese division headquarters respectively.

In October 1999:

By Gao Cheng the company takes the lead, combine the United States, Asia, Europe's top-ranking fund company, alibaba introduces fund of venture capital investment of 5 million dollar.

January 2000:

Japanese Internet invests a company " soft library " infuse invests the 2nd sum, become a shareholder 10 thousand dollars of 2 000.

In December 2001:

Break through income and expenses to balance a line, gain amounts to tens of thousands of U.S. dollor. It indicates the company developed a Chinese Internet to burn money years!

December 2001:

Register mercantile member to break through 1 million, become global head home to exceed the business affairs website of 1 million members.

October 2002:

Release Japanese website (Http://japan.alibaba.com) , march in the round Japanese market.

2002 the end of the year:

Realize gain in the round.

In May 2003:  

Investment 450 million establish the individual trades the platform on the net cleans out treasure net (Http://www.taobao.com) .

In July 2003:

Alibaba announces formally to invest 100 million yuan of development to clean out treasure net in Beijing, ma Yun tries to break the market structure of domestic C2C.

August 2003:

August 17 is to clean out treasure net to be born " 100 days " , up to on August 16, the website that clean out treasure already had member 50 147 person, get online reveal commodity to amount to more than 90 thousand, day browses a quantity 1.55 million person-time, daily new increase production tastes 7 000 more than, daily add a member newly to amount to 2 500 person. At the same time Ma Yun announces: Since August 18, before 100 thousand pass identity attestation, be in clean out the member that there has been business experience on treasure, will enjoy 3 years in not collection trades the privilege that serves cost.

In October 2003:

Safety trades to pay a product on the network that Alibaba establishs independence -- pay treasure.

2003 the end of the year:

Implementation day income 1 million. Roll out website of comprehensive and free domestic online C2C -- the net that clean out treasure.

In Feburary 2004:

Obtain domestic Internet the forehead on bound history spends the largest international capital investment.

In April 2004:

The net that clean out treasure and " the world does not have a thief " collaboration, companionate relationship is established in joint development of network of by-product of movie and TV and respect of network rise in value. Star prop auctions the fashionable window that makes individual electron business affairs. The Internet recreation of newest acute of the net that clean out treasure and China is integrated portal website 21cn.com forms an alliance the autograph is made an appointment with, announce both sides will be strong together, roll out website of puissant shopping auction. Bilateral collaboration is indicating, the net that clean out treasure trades for individual of home of race to control the lead position cloth of the market played a very important piece.
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