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Appendix 2 horses cloud is classical ana (2)
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23. I can make money to our mode this believe thoroughly, amazon is the longest river on the world, be fond of Ma to hike elegant mountain is the highest hill on the world, alibaba is the richest precious deposits on the world. It is vivid that a good business relies on blood transfusion before long, the key is him hematopoiesis.

The person of 24.30% believes you impossibly forever. The fellow worker that does not allow you works for you, and the fellow worker that allows us works for our target, joint efforts, solidarity is below a common cause, it is easy to be about to be than uniting below your entrepreneur much. Want to persuade everybody to agree with common ideal above all so, is not to let everybody work for you.

25. Can you generalize you to think what kind of primary quality employee should have with a word? We ask today Alibaba's employee sincere letter, have study ability, hopeful spirit and the attitude that embrace change!

26. Internet is 4 × 100 meters of relay, you are again fierce, also can run only one club, should allow the opportunity to the youth.

27. The person be benefited with electronic the biggest business affairs should be a businessman, because we provided a tool,we should make money, but the person that lets us make a tool sent big money, and the person of use tool is muddle-headed still, this is abnormal.

28. We are fishing teaching a person, is not to give merman.

29. We say " appear on the market " the gas station that resembles us, did not want gas station to stop not to go, still get, continue.

30. Internet is 3000 meters of long-distance running that influence mankind future lives 30 years, you must run quickly like bunny, should be able to bear or endure like the tortoise again run.

31. Why can I come down alive? The first it is I do not have money, the 2nd it is I did not understand to Internet, the 3rd it is to resemble goofy and same think.

32. Starting gun rings, how does the adversary that you do not have time to see you run.

33. If rise early that bird did not have worm, that can be eaten off by other bird.

34. Internet resembles bock, when having foam, had better drink.

35. We cannot Yu Ling of desire to gain feels. Inspiration says to come, resemble paragraph praise sword of god of 6 arteries and veins is same. Of Alibaba " sword of god of 6 arteries and veins " the viewpoint of value that is Alibaba: Sincere letter, respect property, passion, the hug changes, the group cooperates, client the first.

36. Very brutal today, brutaller tomorrow, very good the day after tomorrow, but absolutely major cause is to be in to death tomorrow night, so everybody does not abandon today.

37. Look in me have 3 kinds of people: Businessmen, create fund; Businessman, it is somewhat, do not be somewhat; Entrepreneur, assume responsibility for the society. Entrepreneur should create an environment for the society. Entrepreneur must have the mind of innovation.
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