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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (7)
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The schoolbook with electronic actually professional business affairs should from you here is written case, actually schoolbook should be told how deal, how to communicate. Everybody is to be in same inside the industry, it is so good that everybody is communicated, doing not have network all these is accomplished very hard, but we were accomplished today. The network gives what everybody brings the thing that is spirit, fortune, materially, today it is to just begin merely.

Actually, the computer divides 20 years before piece: The computer advocate board, chip still has an operating system, these 3 can take on by him IBM completely, IBM gives Microsoft software, chip gives Intel, IBM thinks the computer advocate board the most important, result IBM catchs a fault.

Microsoft caught an operating system to make its today's place, chip gives Intel, the result makes Intel reaps a profit greatly, the thing of others of IBM deal out is best, the thing that he did not think of to he was not chosen is best. We had seen such a lot of companies, 67 years an enterprise that grows quickly, these enterprises he thinks him what is good, he thinks his muscle power is very great, he calls a family, was given to eliminate together by the family however.

Our Alibaba establishs ability 6 years, a lot of things were not perfected, the force of the everything that additionally we realize soberly to we are done today is very large. Dare not say our bear has the heavy responsibility of Chinese electron business affairs, but we have mission feeling, the square yearning where of our Alibaba goes, what can affect electronic commerce is decision-making, we return be be far ahead inside enterprise electron business affairs, it is the world the first. Before a few years others still thinks we are boasting, but 2005, very much authoritative medium and very much orgnaization are Alibaba certainly B2B old.

2005, our net that clean out treasure also broke a myth: Easy interesting chariot did not hit EBay not to break down inside limits all over the world. Be in China, EBay easy interest is entered earlier than us, actual strength is stronger than us. We clean out treasure at that time is 0, but they (EBay) the member that has had a lot of, any the thing is to be among athletic change, we clean out treasure also very hard, we the distance this year is pulled open quickly also, our race to control the market. Those who clean out treasure to go up trade quantity and whole membership number, vivid jerk makes the net that clean out treasure becomes the Asia's biggest C2C website!

We a moment ago were told very have hope, our hope repass effort of 5 years, the net that clean out treasure is become in Asian website rank not only the first, also should become all over the world the biggest C2C website. We have hope more and more, I just come back from Beijing, in Beijing we saw the president of labour travel and action travel, come a few this years, be in China, the disbursement on the website measures a rank we are the first, the 2nd arrives all the time the 8th pay a quantity to add up also be inferior to us the first big, that is to say our disbursement treasure in the market have leading is very big.
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