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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (8)
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Of Internet " each other " interact namely, "Couplet " it is allied, interacting is a powerful community, in Chinese Internet community, I just make clear Hunan WEB 2.0 is what meaning now, a good Internet, should be interactive, the core of WEB 2.0 is interactive.

Any website must be interactive, interactive community is best expressional form. Interactive community of 3 companies of Chinese is done very well, the first is QQ, the 2nd is Alibaba, the 3rd is Netease, other it is lack a few interactive, and the content that the card on a lot of websites has snap, I feel Alibaba is built in those days " with friend of chamber of commerce " we are to hold to in the process of forum a bit, this is commercial forum, we do not allow fling abuses, we do not allow above the thing that talks about politics, the comment is fling abuses at the back of have a lot of, the person that somebody asks me to there is allergy of a lot of psychologies on forum now is inside, you can see sina, Sohu has the content of fling abuses, I feel our Alibaba still is done well really, pretty good really.

I say at that time, you talk about politics to leave Alibaba, talk about politics to leave clean out treasure, the effort that we hope we are the biggest does it a few more purely, the person that lets a few have a common goal will communicate.

Day is returned previously when the sentiment is very intense, someone says soft silver has what concern with us, I feel to do not have a relation, if Sun Zhengyi was controlled I, then I am not Ma Yun. A lot of people say the person of think oneself clever is very much, actually Sun Zhengyi share is very few, this reason understands forever between us, I had explained this theory last, the parent that I am him Alibaba, investor is brother of one's mother, he just gives a bit money, can say Alibaba I am a doctor on this operating-table, myself make sb the first aim of attack, all investor are a nurse, I want a knife he gives me the knife, it is decide by me, anybody is my assistant.

We are done any the effect that decides to won't get one, if Sun Zhengyi wants " control us " , then he loves where to go to, he does not want to become partner, then he can go, very much investment firm can invest. As a doctor, as a CEO, you must understand what your mission and your duty is.

Till now, the sense that community gives me is, although inside was full of various contradiction, but this world did not contradict without the place, more what is more,the rather that you had not met. I follow the edition give a lecture that we are present, I am in aeriform 2005 in the tremendous competitor that becomes company of a lot of Internet, although I do not hope to become competitor with them, my friend says " inapproachable person, below inapproachable Yu Tian " , do not become others in your heart adversary, you do not become others in the heart only adversary, you just can learn him, surmount him. You do not hate him, so I often say you do not hate Japan, your appreciation, study it just can surmount it, the Chinese should learn others, make arduous efforts.
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