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Appendix 2 horses cloud is classical ana (1)
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Equestrian cloud thinking is nimble, glib, mention a thing to come eloquent. Really, go out up to now Ma Yun is in what any hour of communal circumstance face a reporter to interview always is to appear humor and do a job with skill and ease, humorous and witticism in rapid succession, sometimes have an outstanding eloquence, as reciting already know sth thoroughly stalk of grain at the speech of the heart.

Ana if person of Ma Yun: Distinctive, succinct, humor, contain a lot ofphilosophic theory again however. Accordingly, from inside classical ana of Ma Yun we can be comprehended a lot of.

1. I feel the greatest experience must not abandon namely, want precipitant, and innovate ceaselessly and break through, break through oneself, until find a way till, and a bit what I feel it is more important to still have, we face the confidence in the future today is to come from the brutal experience at before us 5 years, we are certain more brutal tomorrow.

2. The talent that lets each person develops the truth of action truly to resemble pulling a cart, if some people are gone to here pull, some people are gone to there pull, mutual between dropped in disorder first. I resemble cement in the action of the company, rise a lot of preeminent talent group, make their effort makes toward a place.

3. Network company should judge 3 crucial questions in the future, the first, its Team; The 2nd, its Technology, the 3rd, its Concept. These things are the requirement that the enterprise exists. Judging an a person, company is outstanding, do not see him graduate from Ha Fo or Stanford, there is not graduate of college of how many famous brand inside judgement, and like should judging this to help a person work to resemble going mad, reading class of his every the world is smilingly ground comes home.

4. I think, employee the first, client the 2nd. Without employee, do not have this website. Also they are only happy, our client just is met happy. And the utterance that those urge clients, can let them work like go mad again, this also makes our website develops ceaselessly.

5. See 10 bunny, which do you catch after all? Some people catch this bunny a little while, catch that bunny a little while, also do not catch possibly finally only. The main task of CEO is not to search an opportunity to say to the opportunity however " NO " . The opportunity is too much, can catch only.

6. Our company is every half an year undertakes assessment, judge come down, if you are last, although your job very hard, very outstanding also, but special I am sorry, you have to leave. Mix in two people between 200 people, I can choose pair of two individual cruelty only.

7. Advanced 100 meters in, everybody is adversary, because run, is 3000 meters long-distance running. Ran the 449 ability after rice pull open a distance. So, I develop follow one's inclinationsly, true high-tech, the person lets want to want to be less than when skill.
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