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Appendix 2 horses cloud is classical ana (1)
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8. We spent time to lay the foundations of two years, we should build what kind of building, blueprint had not been announced, but some people had been in how the house that comments on us is bad. The house of some companies is very good-looking, but foundation is flabby, one have fresh gale to fall.

9. We and competitor's biggest distinction is we know they want what to do, and they do not know we want what to do. We want what to do, not was necessary to let everybody know.

10. Above the network with respect to a word: "Of smooth foot do not be afraid of those who wear a shoe forever. "Of smooth foot do not be afraid of those who wear a shoe forever..

11. We are certain a bit, new economy it may not be a bad idea, old economy it may not be a bad idea, have same thing, won't change forever, that provides real service for the client namely. Without valuable service, the website is impossible to develop continuously.

12. Want to get rich on the net today, probability is not very big, but today's network, can save below a lot of cost for everybody.

13. Certainly oneself cause the failure on Internet, otherwise is brain gives out heat, otherwise is brain is not heated up, too cold.

14. I feel network company can make a mistake certainly, and must make a mistake, network company's biggest mistake stops in place to be not moved namely, the biggest mistake does not make a mistake namely. The key depends on summary and the various mistakes that review us to make, better for what will run tomorrow, the mistake is returned so that make, the key is not to make same mistake.

15. Any entrepreneur won't when after the environment became good redo any jobs, entrepreneur lies in present environment, improve this environment, is light complained, does light complain what is used? Today, failure can blame yourself only, or everybody loses, somebody succeeded now, and you failed, can blame oneself only. It is a word, even if you are star-crossed, also be you incorrect.

16. The person that does electronic business affairs in China must want to stand up on foot, and cannot often the hand is playing a hand, often the hand is pulling a hand to be about to be finished. The concern that we follow the market is a hand getting quite, the relation of we and user is to want themselves to stand up go. The help needs the person of the help, he just can thank your help.

17. We had discussed a case, you pull a pine in horse race now, roadside has a lot of milk, soda water. You are the edge drinks an edge to run, drink full run again, still drink, want to you can run run only?

18. I can tell him, it is free that Alibaba has a service, will also won't collect fees forever. We roll out new service in the future, we can collect fees, you feel bad, do not pay fee, so simple. We have a principle, do not be equal to freely inferior. Our service should be being accomplished is even better than the website that collect fees.

19. Resemble him today is kind of turnip, just just planted go down, you are about to let me rise Miao Ba, look to whether grow a turnip, see a turnip grow how oldly. What should plant only is a turnip, always can blossom of big turnip.
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