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Appendix 2 horses cloud is classical ana (1)
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20. We know to be able to strike a few gong at that time, can surround so much person, gong is knocked well, is the trick returned can bad? Knock gong to knocked a flower to come.

21. I am to say Alibaba discovered golden mine, then we ourselves are not dug absolutely, we hope people goes digging, he dug golden mine to give me together OK. A lot of people like firmly to defend golden mine. We go helping others get rich, others gets rich, we just can get rich, what what need because of us is not much.

22. Alibaba can go to today to have a main factor is we do not have money, because have money too,failure of a lot of people is. When we do not have money previously, every spend a minute of money we consider seriously, we are rich now beautiful like doing not have Qianshi still money, the money that spends today because of me is the money of venture capital, we must bear the blame for them, the money that I know to the money of beautiful other people wants to compare him flower is more painful, so we want ground of every little bit to had done the business, this is the most important.

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