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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (4)
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I Xiaoping of special admire Deng, dispute of reforming and opening often has eye. He goes to Europe, United States, discover China and foreign difference are so far, he realized difference. We are present each entrepreneur wants to understand, the distance is not terrible, it is you do not know to be apart from awfully. Eat breakfast one day that with Clinton, he can speak out the name of those Chinese ministers, he also can speak out the name of a few ministers of middle east, you can feel he is honest person, he is bromide, he is so great. Want to go ceaselessly, go running ceaselessly, go looking ceaselessly.

Bosom is very important, it is very hapless that a person has eye to do not have bosom, " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " the Zhou Yu in is eye very fierce, heart is very little, was enraged to die by Zhu Geliang so. "In abdomen of prime minister in feudal China can punt " , explain complaint of prime minister in feudal China is too much. Like Premier Zhou every light manages 10 thousand machine, he is impossible to explain with the person everyday, only able, follow person explanation with bosom. The bosom of everybody is to rely on injustice to maintain big.

It is actual strength again, I feel actual strength rises with unsuccessful accumulation, the failure of little can increase the one the individual's actual strength, actual strength of the enterprise. If my age is old, I hope if with me grandchildren boasts, I am: "I am your grandfather, the issue with so large make it, a bit is not arrogant. " grandchildren says: "Just be Internet spring tide when coming, somebody invests to you. " tell when me in those days thing, say I made very serious mistake, he can adore the ground to look at me very much, true, but this I pour not certain be able to stand. A person obtains the meeting in successful finally process to have too much and bitter experience.

I advocate Chinese enterprise to want to pay attention to group spirit all the time. I am a persuasive talker of our company, I am the person that light says not to drill. I feel special pride for our group, our company has 4 " O " group, the business that I do our company is shared with everybody.

Our COO Guan Mingsheng is our president, in the whole world such as GE, BTR 500 strong companies did husband of 25 years, person of British book Hong Kong. Our CFO Cai esteems a letter, investment is made in European InvestAB company, he is law doctor, canadian book Taiwanese. Our CTO Wu Jiong, yahoo searchs engine inventor, person of beautiful book Shanghai. I am CEO, chinese citizenship, hangzhou registered permanent residence. We 4 people defend one party each, cooperate first-rately now. The group does collaboration. If others becomes you hero when, your ten million cannot become him hero, if he becomes oneself,the hero wants necessarily downhill.

The Chinese thinks best group is " Liu, close, piece, group of all arrowroot, Zhao " . Guan Gongwu work is so expensive, so faithful. Liu Bei and Zhang Fei also have respective job, come up against Zhu Geliang, still have Zhao Zilong, such group is " the bout such as chiliad " , search very hard. And the group that I think China is best is the Tang Dynasty the group of go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of monk Western Paradise. Resemble the Tang Dynasty monk such leader, whats do not say with him, he wants learn from sb else's experience namely. Such leader does not have what glamour, also do not have what ability. Excel in of Sun Wu empty gest, moral character is good also, but what regret exclusively is grumpy, the unit has such person. Pig 8 give up are a little tricky, little without his life very much interest. Sanded bonze is more, he does not say the superorganic thing such as person, viewpoint of value, "The job that this is me " , half hour doing was over to sleep alive, there is a lot of inside such person unit a lot of. It is 4 such people, innumerable trials and hardships, obtained true classics. This kind of group is best group. Such business just can succeed.
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