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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (5)
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When we conceived Alibaba 1999, what we consider is Chinese economy, the judgement of the biggest bureau is China joining WTO is time problem only, chinese enterprise is OK abroad deal, export through building Internet to help Chinese company, the enterprise outside helping a nation enters China this is we are conceived the first times. The 2nd what we think to drive Chinese economy high speed to develop is medium and small businesses and civilian battalion economy, what we should help is the industry that those need to help those forever, can help oneself company. Small and medium sized business uses electronic business affairs the trend that this is them, and unlike has some of large company to use electronic business affairs is to show off. Help those people that need a help truly so, the company that helps those need helps this also is our earliest conception.

All the time the mode that someone says Alibaba is so bad, bad in that way, want to innovate so that block to get pressure so, block so that live alluring, we are said the earliest to be " bedlamite " , be said to today " maniac " . No matter how people says, we do not care absolutely, we care about us how look upon this world, how according to our established dream one pace goes forth, this is to make an enterprise, way that makes everything must go. To today, return somebody to because Alibaba's B2B was not approbated by the world,say, so we rolled out C2C, because our C2C also was not approved, so we are bought and Yahoo China, this is the outside only guess just. Electronic business affairs of China can surmount American electron business affairs certainly, this is the judgement of my individual. Why do we feel C2C domain can have tremendous progress certainly? I often tell 1.3 billion population of Chinese, pass effort of these a few years, economic high speed of these a few years develops, 300 million person gets online to need a few years only, and the United States should have 300 million person to get online, unripe child is about to be born several years.

Hearsay is very much outside now, someone says Alibaba buys Yahoo is a kind of hype, we do not think so. Buying Yahoo in fact is ourselves raises whole pattern, we bought Yahoo, yahoo takes the share of 40% , voting advantageous position of 35% in our headquarters again, this idea is ourselves original creation, wall street does not have such mode, the whole world also did not hear of such OK buying. Why so do? The first, electronic business affairs must have search index to prop up such tool in Chinese development, we inspected large quantities of search to index after propping up, discover Yahoo is only appropriate, general partner should choose to had made a mistake very clever person, so we had chosen to talk with respect to He Yahu, must give Yahoo outer part above all, we thought a way: We buy Yahoo China, and Yahoo China in Alibaba headquarters must own a few share, but this share cannot accuse an Alibaba, can never accuse an Alibaba, also cannot operate Alibaba, because from us this company holds water the first day to rise, our mission is Alibaba it is the whole world company that be born in China and establishs by the Chinese, if this is a mission, structure of our share pilot must be changed, cannot let anybody control, so Ma Yun dominates such business since the first day. So everybody guesses is Sun Zhengyi accuses still be Yang Zhiyuan accuses, I tell everybody I won't let anybody control this company very responsibly. This company is the Chinese establishs below market economy, develop all over the world.
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