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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (6)
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The community friends that everybody is present, everybody is good! I often come the card sees on community, but also did not register waistcoat. These days I am resting, I put the holiday of a week to oneself, but where also did not go, read a book namely, chat a little, rest rest.

I just announced the end of the year 2005 Alibaba is in high crisis, our company is very young, our company these a few years more and more get the attention of the outside, to the youth of our company, this is not a favour, including myself also is the illuminate that very difficult classics cans bear spotlight, our company way is very long, our company should go 102 years, still have 96 years, we are premature by spotlight illuminate, so big honorary aureola to us it is a very critical issue.

2005 is the Ba Bafei in A a year when often get outside attention, why does Alibaba get this year so great attention, we buy Yahoo China, we clean out treasure to be done very well, pay treasure to also be done very well, amount of Alibaba visit is good also. Mixed 2005 the development situation of the company can say 2004 is a not to be named on the same day with.

Before I predict the website should be in Alibaba to entered a whole world 2009 originally 30, did not think of we are already stable two days this in the whole world the 19th, our commerce website all over the world the rank is the first.

We are in establish Alibaba company when 3 wish greatly scene, the first is to hope to become one of 10 big websites of world. When raising this target, everybody feels or little is not accorded with actual, how can you want to do 10 big websites of world?

Eye preexistence bound 10 big websites, it is portal website for the most part, resemble Yahoo, MSN, EBay. We locate ourselves for business affairs website, enter a whole world with this 10 big websites, the target implementation time that ourselves offers is 30 years, we present assurance is bigger and bigger. We judge 3 seats that we will hold 10 big websites of world inside 5 years henceforth, one is Yahoo China, one is the net that clean out treasure, one is Alibaba. We plan formerly is a seat is taken inside 30 years, we are possible now 10 years less than takes 3 seats.

We also are more and more sufficient to the assurance of Chinese condition, confidence when making judgement, the economy of whole China grows in high speed, add the world to pay close attention to the height of Asia-Pacific area, and the contribution that enterprise of Asia-Pacific area Internet and industry make to the world, I reckon these will produce very big effect to Internet inside 5 years of future.

I am " economy of 2004 year China 10 VIP " , we get again this year " 10 big employer firms of Chinese " nomination, myself feels right to the company is mixed will tell to my individual is not meddlesome, participate in but won't have exorbitant demand. We hope 3 to 5 years in become " the whole world firm of 10 big employer " , we hope to 5 years less than becomes the company that the youth hopes to join most 3 years. The nomination that wins this award this year makes me gladder, when two years premise gives this cause, we feel the way is very long still, "Chinese optimal employer " , actually you put forward and pay hard, of organic still meeting.
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