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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (6)
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Today, we advocate peace in the edition of countrywide each district forum elite is here assemble, I very envy everybody, your writing level is very high, and I am written at most " very " word, I hit 229 words to want to spend very long time. Good as edition advocate, he can be shared with everybody, he has mind, forum resembles a society, more complex than the society even.

In clean out treasure to go up to also can appear to contradict variously even, I say with the administrator that cleans out treasure to go up, I feel forum is a small society, you should include it, this world forever somebody does not agree with you, and the means that does not agree with you each are not identical, you do not want be agitated, anger will be otherwise greater and greater, such more complex, everybody should have a kind of mind in forum, want to have investment, oneself also can grow in virtually.

A moment ago the friend says to provide a forum still is a canal very two forum are good, it is good that I feel to provide a forum, provide two forum very can tired. A few motions were made after we bought Yahoo, do exercise reducing weight first, whole Yahoo has 600 stuff originally, the product has near 200, a branch 60 people fight on 100 lines. We asked a few questions at that time, the first problem is: "What is today the most important excuse me, the most critical issue? What is incompact not urgent, important thing? What is urgent, important thing? " everybody says this thing important, urgent, that my come to an agreement or understanding, do this one, other discharge at the back.

We change the home page of Yahoo thoroughly, 600 people fight at the same time in 600 different area, winning probability is very small, 600 individual concentration fight in an area, triumphal hope will be very big. If, do edition advocate what brain thinks is to make money, those who want is group of the cement that play a side, often can show in the character come out, when there is such idea in your heart, your mood, voice can be shown come out.

We still hold to the dream when doing poineering work today, exclusive distinction is we took one step forth, close from the dream one pace, everybody the first time when doing poineering work, ideal is good, he is going, can not find this road where to be later, the first your dream is the best thing.

We do poineering work from time to tome a few 30 companies that compete with us, I remembered closing entirely now, only we are returned living. We are the people that hold to a dream, can go to today so. We do not have the dream that abandons the first day today, we step down even, we go 96 years even. From us the first day says to want to develop Alibaba 80 years to rise continuously, we had not been changed, we say to want to become the company that expands 102 years continuously today, become website of the world's greatest Internet electron business affairs.

Achieve the first goal before our Alibaba 5 years, be " Meet At Alibaba " , we made a report with our employee, says electronic business affairs to not be clear that it is what thing, the expert is too much, I just attend the seminar of the schoolbook of electronic business affairs of Ministry of Education, allegedly the whole nation had 278 universities to offer major of electronic business affairs. After the student graduation of major of electronic business affairs comes out very have a headache, these experts do not know to be told from where really, I feel true to if tell electronic business affairs,say, you (forum edition advocate) going telling is the most appropriate.
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