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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (2)
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I go to London for the first time, my public relations manager tells us, afternoon 6:15, BBC TV station wants to interview, it is recorded broadcast, not be direct seeding, prepare these 5 titles please. But I forbid to have. I say: "Irrespective, I do not look. " BBC sent a fax again at 3 o'clock afternoon, the gentleman that ask a horse must look carefully. Entered BBC at 6 o'clock, still take out those 5 titles, must I prepare carefully, then I prepare. When perform broadcast a station, compere says now is direct seeding of BBC headquarters whole world. 300 million person looks! Cut scene ask me the question, the relation of a bit of those 5 problems that prepares with me is done not have. He asks: "You are Chinese company, you achieve office to manage in England, are you successful? Do you want to become millionaire? Do you think you can be become millionaire? Should you get millionaire? " ask me cheated. I am very nervous at that time, but the ground still smiles to be told with him on the face. End when I say: "We can prove our meeting subsist, and live very well still. " BBC was interviewed a few times to me again later, among them once they were to send reportorial group to arrive home, one is to interview the Shanghai mayor Xu Kuangdi at that time, another is to interview me, it is the program with the most popular BBC, cry " heat talks " , the program broadcasts have 25 minutes.


Before two months, I attend to new York " world economy forum " , I listen to what 500 strong CEO of world talk at most is mission and viewpoint of value. Chinese enterprise talks about mission and viewpoint of value rarely, if you talk, they think your great void, do not talk with you. Our enterprise lacks these today, so our company often can grow not quite. Overcame Lin Du's couple to ask us to have breakfast in the morning that day, clinton is told a bit, say the United States is in a lot of respects are a leader, but sometimes the leader does not know to should go toward where, guide them without what, they are OK without example follow the lead of. "This moment, be what lets you make a decision, " Clinton says, "It is mission feeling. "It is mission feeling..

Alibaba thinks " the trade that allows the world to was not done hard " the mission feeling that is us. The company with the biggest now name is general and electric. They are 100 years ago the earliest make bulb, their mission is " make whole the world bright rise " , this makes general and electric become the electric company with the biggest whole world. A company is enlighten person Buddhist nun Eden, their mission is " make the person of whole the world happy rise " . Such mission makes the motion picture that Dishini takes, it is comedic piece.

Alibaba is his mission finally certainly " the trade that allows the world to was not done hard " . System of ownership makes the software that come out is to should help our client do the business simply.
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