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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (1)
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Begin practice from the university Ling Renyan is admired unceasingly eloquence, at the beginning of Ling Mayun market does poineering work " cheater " , make a person to later cannot of believe " bedlamite " , and media heart is medium today " maniac " figure at a suit. But the disposition that this is Ma Yun: Language is not breathtaking absolutely refuse to to rest.

Ma Yun is a speech ace, although his sound is insufficient simple and honest, not quite sodorous, but he can let a person burn with righteous indignation, think down his direction. In the meantime, ma Yun's speech truly if person, a powerful and unconstrained style, seem a person with " dial so that the cloud leaves see a month bright " feeling. Accordingly, the classical statement of a lot of win universal praise theres is no lack of in numerous speech of Ma Yun.

Ma Yun meets in peaceful wave member the speech on congress (the section is chosen)

Very glad to come to Ning Bo again, today is not on Sunday, everybody comes here I am very glad, and want to represent whole world of the Baba in A the member of 1.2 million and the greeting that 500 renown employee pay summer to everybody. This is Alibaba in countrywide each district " with friend of chamber of commerce " the 6th, we are the first promote in carry on, went having stannum, suitable heart, Shenzhen, Xiamen next, this week is in Ning Bo, the member that we attend a meeting in the whole nation meets congress, every time can let us feel very excited. I remember be in without stannum that one, we asked 250 members, that day is afternoon began at 2 o'clock, began to issue very big rain partly at 1 o'clock, we want to won't have so much person possibly afternoon, the result came many 550 member.


I saw today's calling card, it is a few entrepreneur, factory director, manager, it is a youth. I make a speech today cent piece, the first follows what everybody communicates Alibaba to was mixed yesterday today, do an analysis to Alibaba. Our company is very small, hold water to have 3 years only. Come 3 this years we experienced all sorts of anguish, torment, I think make it a case is analysed with everybody. The 2nd is I ran all over the world a lot of countries, with the world top-ranking entrepreneur has been discussed, I think the experience that discusses these is shared with everybody. The 3rd is I want to be shared with everybody, what is electronic business affairs, what can today's electronic business affairs bring to us.


I basically tell Alibaba today mixed yesterday today. We ever were chosen twice to be MBA education case of the whole world by haing Buddha university, they can send a person to go to our company, want to wait for 5 days at least, to us the employee of all managers, part, new employee that just should join in is mixed these 5 days client, make careful investigation. Spend two months to write case next, the case that I take them to write every time the first draft when, feel this is not Alibaba. A lot of people are very strange to Alibaba's view, have various media comments, to the report of media I do not look completely, but the comment of a lot of members to Alibaba I look certainly.
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