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Appendix one horse cloud is wonderful make a speech (3)
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Alibaba hoped to have 80 thousand members 1999, when we put forward this catchword at that time, still have 3000 members only. But one that year we are accomplished have 89 thousand members. Alibaba put forward to want to have 250 thousand member 2000, as a result we had 500 thousand members. We hoped to have 1 million members 2001, but Internet is stagnant 2001, be like be impossible implementation. But on December 27, 2001, came true really. We achieved balance of income and expenses that month, alibaba's turnover is in now growth, do better more.

A lot of people think, internet discussion is most now is the contradiction between investor and controller, we not so think. Only controller deceives investor, investor cheats controller unlikelily. When investor gives you money, you remember one day you must be returned he. This is the character that be an upright person. A bit let us feel proud, when just doing poineering work, we call a taxi scarcely. Once we must take a taxi, a Sangdana comes over, everybody head turned around, see Xiali, the beck on the horse, because Sang Dana is more expensive than Xiali. The money that we spend today is the money of investor, if spend oneself money one day when, OK and bold ground is beautiful, so these two years, we are proud with narrow-minded.

From 2000, we are in domestic and international ad budget 0. Although 0 budgets, but our member already achieved 1.2 million, and do bigger more. According to legend of public praise of this profit from. Before two days have a seminar, someone says peaceful wave market is bad, I say peaceful wave market is first-rate, a lot of money earned in Ning Bo. So our total revenue and expenditure maintained a balance, from December 2001, our company enters very good position. It is very strange to have kind of appearance, you are richer, people invests you more. We see Internet invest to take venture capital investment very hard now, but we can get investment very easily. We now is money a lot of, but we are used rarely. We return otherwise to break ground overseas to implement very old market strategy.

We ran recently a few places, especially my centrally TV station " dialog " the famous entrepreneur that China sees in the program spoke, let me feel to object very much. He says: "I this industry manages very hard, even if Jackie Welch comes to general predecessor CEO,manage here, can wait for 3 days only at most. " the first, jackie Welch won't wait for 3 days; The 2nd, he will can transform your company certainly. Terrible is not a distance, do not know to have a space however. I also had spoken on the website, I discuss a case first, I have a friend, in Zhejiang the province comes loose hit a team to become a coach, he told a story to me: Fierce should have a boy below hill very fierce, he defeated all people. He thinks the world is inapproachable, run to Beijing, find Beijing to come loose coach of dozen of team of assemble for training, say: "I should hit with your team member. " the coach does not let, this lets this boy instead more itch to try. Last train agreed, the result is less than this boy 5 minutes to be hit. The coach says with him: "Boy you drill everyday two hours, drill the person of half hour suffers a defeat everyday. I these team member drill everyday 10 hours, how may be you hit with them? And our team member has not been hit really. Universal one day, the somebody outside the person. The somebody outside the person..
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